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Help! I Wanna Be Murdered by Sex Demons but This Puzzle Box Is Like, Really Hard

Ever since I discovered BDSM Tumblr as a youth, I have dreamt of dying at the hands of horned-up sadistic hellspawn. I dedicated my life to arcane studies, entrenched myself in the deepest darkest corners of the antiques black market and now, at long last, the Lament Configuration is in my hands. There’s just one problem — I have no fucking idea how this thing works.

Seriously there are no instructions with this thing, no apparent starting point, and really no clear objective of any kind! I’ve just been on my knees in a circle of candles touching it a whole bunch like I know what the hell I’m doing but I totally don’t.

I would like to embark on a fatal odyssey of the flesh in which pain and pleasure become one. I don’t see why I need to be good at Rubix cube/escape room bullshit to do it.

The ambiguously middle eastern street merchant I procured the box from was no help at all. The second I turned around to ask “hey how do you open this doo-hickey anyway?’ he and his tent of wares had vanished into thin air. Nice customer service, asshole.

If I press down on the big circle it clicks into place, and if I press it again it comes back up. That’s as far as I’ve got.

I don’t mean to question my lords and masters the Cenobites, but like what is the logic here? “Oh hey, before we start fuck/murdering you with hook chains and such, you’re good at puzzles, right?” Who the fuck cares, just torment me already! I am bored with every conceivable earthly pleasure, just take me on a voyage of suffering please, and thank you!

Please, if anyone has any tips or tricks for solving the Lament Configuration and exposing me to horrors and pain previously unimaginable, get at my dms, but only if you’re going to be helpful. Yes, I am a “noob,” I admit that freely. Yes, I’m “cheating.” I don’t care. I just want to open the box so that they can come. And so that I can come too if you get my drift.