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Life of the Party Dead at 25

LOS ANGELES — Described by loved ones as “charismatic,” “fun,” “unpredictable,” and “always the life of the party,” Clark Tomlinson passed away last night at the age of 25 due to an Oxycontin overdose, according to multiple sources close to the deceased.

Tomlinson was “a beloved party boy and wild man,” known affectionately within Los Angeles as “Tommy Party.”

“You could always count on Tommy to get things going down in Silverlake on a Friday or Saturday night,” said Sheri Longskiff, an acquaintance of the deceased. “He instantly drew the focus of any room he entered — Tommy had this way of making everyone feel comfortable and bringing people together. He also always had drugs. Yeah, Tommy definitely loved his drugs. So many drugs.”

Tomlinson grew up in suburban Chicago, where he attended Whitecrest High School and gained notoriety as an excellent beer pong athlete and reliable MDMA connection. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles in hopes of finding “hot chicks and sick parties in Hollywood mansions.”


“This is pretty heartbreaking,” said actress/model Veronica Dempsey. “I’m going to this big three-day music festival in the desert next weekend, and Tommy was my best Molly hook… uh, I mean, Tommy was always so much fun to hang out and party with. His presence will be sorely missed. Especially next weekend. Damn.”

Sadly, Tomlinson’s death came as no shock to his closest friends, including L.A.-based graphic designer Freddy Parker.

“Yeah, I think everyone saw that one coming,” said Parker. “The dude was popping pharmies like candy. But, I’ll be honest with you — I didn’t know him very well. We’d be at all the same parties, but I never really talked to him outside of that. Tommy could be pretty obnoxious.”

“I’ll always remember him for being the very loud guy who loved ripping his shirt off,” Parker added. “I mostly just hung around him because he had good drugs. RIP and all that, though. By the way, you guys don’t know what happened to the rest of his stash, do you?”

The whereabouts of the rest of Tomlinson’s drugs remain unknown.

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Article by The Hard Times staff @REALpunknews. Photo by Danny Krug.