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Opinion: The Filter of My Pall Mall 100 Is More Effective Than Any Face Mask

I’m tired of catching shit for not “doing my part” just because I do things differently. Now that the government has given up on fighting coronavirus it’s up to us, I get that. That’s why I switched to Pall Mall Red 100’s bro.

Look at this filter. Look at it! That’s a solid inch of cotton and fiberglass or whatever the fuck. Now look at your dumb ass mask. Look at how thin that shit is dude. Now who’s being “irresponsible and reckless?”

Yeah, that’s a real clean looking mask you got there. Know why it’s clean? Because it’s not doing its fucking job yo! Check this out, look at how brown this filter gets. Look at all the shit this thing filters out! And that’s just from breathing through it for two minutes!

Hey, we all need to make sacrifices right now. I hate this fucking thing. It pulls like shit, it’s not satisfying and I’m pretty sure that I’m losing a certain percentage of the nicotine I paid for. But we’re all #strongertogether or whatever the fuck so you won’t catch me without a smoke in my mouth for the next six months or so.

Maybe instead of asking me why I’m not wearing my dumb ass mask at the grocery store, you should be asking why this dumb ass grocery store won’t let me smoke my protective cigarette. Seriously yo, people used to smoke in the store all the time back in the ‘60s and NO ONE had coronavirus.


I honestly don’t understand why you dumb fucks think those masks are so healthy in the first place. I tried smoking one and I coughed for like an hour yo.

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