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Punk Who Put Hitler Mustache on Picture of Every President for Last 20 Years Finally Nails It

NEW YORK —Local punk Jeremy Spencer has spent the last 20 years putting Hitler mustaches on pictures of US presidents. But today, for the first time, art critics around the globe agree he totally nailed it.

“My process? I take a picture of the President, any picture of him really,” Spencer explained from the street corner gallery where he has displayed his work for decades. “Then, I take some sharpie, some black marker, anything, and I put a little Hitler mustache on him.”

“Been doing it for years,” Spencer added.

Art critic Howard Klein says Spencer may be a once-in-a-generation artist, and that his works will be rapidly scooped up at auctions around the country.

“Same shit… Different asshole,” Klein read off of Spencer’s recent piece. “It’s so blunt. So raw. So real. So scarily accurate in today’s day and age. It appears this may be the very first time — at least in my professional experience — that I’ve seen this mustache correctly applied to a sitting US president. This is a truly amazing feat for the artist, and punk community as a whole, if you don’t mind me saying.”

Article by Hard Times Staff. @RealPunkNews on Twitter.

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