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BREAKING: #AllLivesMatter Leaders Blast March for Our Lives for Focusing Only on Children’s Lives

WASHINGTON — Leaders of the #AllLivesMatter movement called for an end to March for Our Lives early this afternoon at a press conference outside of a military supply store, multiple sources report.

“March for Our Lives would have you believe that only the lives of people who happen to be children matter!” raved #AllLivesMatter spokesman Darrell Hines, who referred to the demonstrations taking place across the country as “biased” and “nothing more than thinly-veiled hate speech.” “Why are we only supposed to march for the lives of children? What about the lives of adults? What about the lives of people who happen to own guns? What about Blue lives? By not including adult white men in their mission statement, March for Our Lives has basically identified itself as a hate group.”

Some conservatives are taking the march to be a personalized attack, as seen in a tweet from NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch early this morning, reading:

“By marching solely for the lives of child Americans, #MarchForOurLives has essentially made a threat against my life. Looks like I’ll have to move again. Thanks a lot liberals.”

This is a breaking news story. More updates to follow.

Article by The Hard Times Staff @REALpunknews.