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Anonymous Reveals List of More Than 1000 Alleged Posers

UNITED STATES – The hacktivist group known as Anonymous released a list containing the names, addresses, contact information, Spotify playlists, and parental income for more than 1,000 alleged posers earlier this week, via the Twitter account @Operation_POSER.

Sources confirmed the leaked information is connected with a cyber attack that targeted the once-notable “punk” website,, earlier this year. Anonymous has claimed full responsibility for the attack, along with data breaches on and

“We’ve gained access to yet another Poser website,” one tweet read. “Seriously, who goes on punknews anymore? That shit died in like 2010. Grow up.”

Almost immediately after the list was released, alleged posers began posting denials on their respective Tumblr pages. One from user ‘FromAutumntoAshton’ read, “I have never been anything but authentic in my love for punk and Oi! music. Yes, in 2006 I dyed my hair jet black and swooped it to one side, but that was the style at the time and that one isolated episode in no way reflects my true nature.”

“I’ve always been a skinhead,” FromAutumntoAshton added.

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This latest attack isn’t the first time the loosely-organized hacktivist group has targeted posers and known poser associates. This leak comes only a few months after the one-year anniversary of “Yesterdays Leak,” which targeted posers who purchased the 2014 Pennywise album of the same name. Sources confirmed this leak affected every one of the 29 posers who purchased that album.

Anonymous issued a press release citing its motivation for the attack:IMG_1005

Article by Mick Dale @mick__dale. Photo by Matthew Roth(WMF).