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UberPOOL Driver Unaware He’s About to Drive Last Leg of Tour

ATLANTA — UberPOOL driver Christian Domingo was blindsided Thursday when he unwittingly became the driver for the last leg of Grime Squad’s east coast tour, Uber ride receipts confirmed.

“I first picked up a couple of fellas with a guitar and bass… then, we got this other dude that had a giant Rubbermaid box of t-shirts,” said Domingo. “When I finally picked up a young lady who asked if I had a drum kit she could borrow, I knew something was up.”

Domingo, who started driving for Uber last month to help his mom with her hospital bills, agreed to pick up the individual band members via the Uber app after their tour van broke down.

“Normally we have our trusty tour van to get us from gig to gig — but, unfortunately, the mean machine totally crapped out in Decatur, and my dickhead dad refused to send us $800 to fix it,” said Grime Squad bass player Mick Betts. “That’s when we took off the license plates, grabbed our equipment, and called Uber.”


Although surprised by the request, Domingo remained professional, agreeing to drive the band to the four remaining gigs on their tour, which ended last night in New Jersey.

“Well, POOL doesn’t pay nearly as well as regular rides, but I was happy to stay busy for a few days,” said Domingo, parked outside the Newark Liberty International Airport hoping to pick up a fare back to Atlanta. “I’m still trying to get all the guitar picks and B.O. stench out of the backseat, but those rock’n’rollers were nice. I’m sure they’ll give me a good rating… which is great, because I need that to get more rides and earn money for my mom.”

Despite Domingo’s unwavering hospitality, positive attitude, and complimentary bottles of water, members of Grime Squad still found reasons to complain.

“I’ll be honest, I was kinda pissed that the he didn’t have an NES in the backseat for us to play, like that Uber driver I saw on Imgur once,” said drummer Sammi Neris. “That’s as bad as when someone lets you sleep on their floor after a show, but they don’t have any beer for you. Just rude.”