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Post-Hardcore Couple’s Screaming Match Unexpectedly Breaks Into Melodic Chorus

FLUSHING, N.Y. — A Valentine’s Day dinner shared by post-hardcore couple Jeff Casey and Allie Morgan escalated into an all-out screaming argument before suddenly breaking into a melodic chorus, confirmed patrons at the El Gauchito steakhouse.

“We were getting along so well,” Morgan explained. “But, I wanted some cheesecake… and Jeff said that if I wanted dessert, I should’ve thought of that before I ordered a second glass of wine.”

“Just wait until my sister hears about this shit,” she added.

Witnesses say the disagreement quickly spiraled into an intense, chaotic argument, in which Casey and Morgan took turns shouting at each other about everything from an unassembled Ikea bookshelf, to a bachelor party Jeff attended in 2016.

“You got the impression that fighting like this is pretty standard for them,” noted nearby patron Kelly Hwang. “Casey delivered his points in a guttural growl, while Morgan’s style was more like high-pitched shrieks. It was kind of an interesting dynamic — except that it was happening in a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day, and completely ruining everyone’s meal.”


However, staff and fellow patrons were caught off-guard when Casey and Morgan dropped their hostile tone to sing in tandem about how they could just stop for ice cream on the way home.

“The mood shifted out of nowhere,” said waiter Alex Chang. “Suddenly, it was really emotional… and surprisingly catchy, too. Coming off that buildup, it was almost like the intensity of the argument made it even more cathartic and uplifting when they finally just decided to share a banana split, you know?”

Security footage confirmed that, as the couple hashed out their differences with their duet, fellow diners triumphantly thrust their fists in the air, clapped rhythmically over their heads, and somehow knew to sing along through the reconciliation.

“We all got into it,” admitted busboy Rob Delroy. “The best part was when Daryl Palumbo came out from under a table to harmonize with them about sprinkles.”

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