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Drummer Just Needs to Borrow Kick, Snare, Stool, and One Stick

AUGUSTA, Maine — Local drummer Dicky Carter only needs to borrow a kick drum, snare drum, a stool, and one stick from the other bands on the show in order to perform, according to multiple annoyed sources.

“Honestly, I’m super embarrassed about all this. I thought our singer, Jerry [Lowery], loaded my shit into the van,” said Carter, as he unloaded a single cymbal. “Unbelievable how that keeps happening. And my snare has been sounding really weird, so I just left it behind tonight. I figure, this show has five bands on it — someone can hook me up with pieces of their kit.”

Despite their strong impact on the local scene after their debut six months ago, Carter’s band, the Jugulars, have developed an unfavorable reputation amongst fellow bands due to their consistent lack of proper equipment.

“Yeah, the band really isn’t half bad, but that drummer is a complete idiot,” said Jamie Adelberg, drummer of local band Pie Chart. “He gave me that spiel about his snare sounding weird when we played with them four months ago, and he still hasn’t fixed it. Then, he tried to downplay the situation because he remembered one of his sticks tonight. One? Nice job, pal.”


Carter’s bandmates confirmed he regularly throws his sticks into the crowd during performances, regardless of crowd reception or the number of songs remaining in their set. This practice has reportedly left the unemployed drummer without even the most basic implements necessary to perform without assistance from other drummers.

“Sometimes I think people forget how hard it is to be a drummer,” said Carter. “I have a lot on my mind. I’m always the one keeping time, and since I’m so focused on my internal metronome, sometimes I forget basic things… like a bass drum, or something to sit on while I play. But without me and my constant hustle to borrow equipment, there would be no show.”

In the end, Carter did piece together his desired drum kit, and the band played a well-received set. Reports indicate, however, that returning all of the borrowed equipment proved so time consuming that the rest of the Jugulars grew tired of waiting and departed without him.

Carter was last seen asking another band’s bassist for a ride home.

Article by Mark Roebuck @mark_roebuckPhoto by Rick Homuth @RJHomuth.