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Step Away From That Aux Chord Until You Check Out What We’re Listening To This Week

Music has the power to bring people together. It can strengthen bonds and form common ground between the most hardened of enemies. Still, when it’s your turn to DJ, all of your guests find an excuse to go outside or leave altogether. You probably think it’s because your taste is so excellent that it intimidates all the people around you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re tired of seeing you live a lie, so we asked our staff what they’ve been listening to this week in the hopes of sprucing up your tired and pathetic playlists. You can thank us when you finally have a house party that lasts longer than 8:30 p.m. (Here is a playlist for you.)

Big Thief “Born For Loving You”

As they did with the recently released ‘Vampire Empire,’ Big Thief has been teasing audiences with ‘Born For Loving You’ for quite some time. To the relief of those who have yet to witness the band’s incredible live show, the song has been released in recorded form, adding yet another classic to their staggering body of work. Though this excellent Americana twinged single is merely part of a forthcoming 7″ release and seemingly nothing more, we wouldn’t be surprised if the prolific outfit announced, like, six more albums next year.

Deeper “Glare”

Chicago’s post-punk revivalists (please don’t tell them we called them that) Deeper just released their third LP ‘Changes!,’ their first for Sub Pop Records. Fans of the band will be pleased to hear a more pristine version of the beloved quartet. Despite the shinier production, Deeper still maintains their biting edge, armed with their signature angular guitars and catchy as hell backbeats. Album highlight ‘Glare’ nearly stopped production at Hard Times HQ, as the entire staff ceased writing to throw the world’s saddest dance party when the track hit our office speakers.

Meet Me @ The Altar “Strangers”

The pop-punk revival is still in full swing, and one of its most exciting progenitors, ‘Meet Me @ The Altar,’ is throwing out a few B-Sides from this year’s excellent LP ‘Past//Present//Future.’ The latest, ‘Strangers,’ is a fun-as-fuck ode to self-deprecating tendencies and imposter syndrome, bearing the markings of yet another pop-punk classic in the making. Put this one in heavy rotation if you feel like being magically whisked away to the early aughts, but please don’t forget how terrible you looked that summer when you dyed your hair green.

FIDLAR “Nudge”

Never ones to quit reinventing their sound, FIDLAR has decided to grace us with a slight return to form on their latest single ‘Nudge.’ It’s a chaotic two-minute surf punk barn-burner that dutifully answers the question ‘what would CAKE sound like if they played their instruments a little shittier and a fuck of a lot louder?’ It’s a refreshing break for those who were wondering if the band would ever release an original track again after a slew of questionable, albeit amazing, nu-metal cover tracks. While there is no news of a new LP, yet, the band announced a pretty sizable tour in Florida for some reason. So if you’re unfortunate enough to live there, be sure to check out their chaotic live show.

Dethklok “Aortic Desecration”

Because you’re an adult that goes to work and pays bills and all that, it’s likely you haven’t thought of ‘Metalocalypse’ or the fictional – but still realer than your bitch ass – band, Dethklok, in quite some time. God, when did you get so fucking lame? In case you missed it, the ‘band’ – which in reality is just Brendan Small absolutely murdering every instrument but the drums – released their fifth full-length album after an eleven-year dry spell. It also coincides with a new ‘Metalocalypse’ feature film and full soundtrack entitled ‘Army of the Doomstar’ as if you needed another excuse to waste your entire Sunday.

Slowdive “alife”

You might think we slept on this one, but we’ve merely been taking it in. When shoegaze pioneers released their eponymous comeback album in 2017, they had been out of the game for two decades. A staggering amount of time to be away, making for an even riskier comeback. Many thought we were lucky enough just to get one more masterpiece. That is, until they upped the ante with their latest, ‘everything is alive.’ The whole album is astounding, but the glimmering lead single ‘alife’ is still making us feel like it’s never too late to try again no matter how many people hated our old band.

When our writers, editors, interns, and general hangers-on aren’t scouring the internet for the latest and greatest tracks to help you look cooler than you actually are, they can be found relaxing with some tried and true classics. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and see if we have to fire anyone this week.

Oxymoron “Down The Drain”

One of our writers has been in a German punk phase lately, much to the detriment of everyone’s productivity. Still, we have to admit that this one is pretty catchy. It’s also worth noting that justice systems suck in other countries too, as evidenced by the song’s lyrics here. You’d do well to add this to your playlist to get your friends hyped, but also to get them educated.

Maps and Atlases “Witch”

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Math Rock? What is this, 2008?’ Well, that is when the song came out, but also, shut the fuck up. This track somehow holds up better now than it did when it was released, or at least that’s what one of our senior writers keeps telling us. While we generally don’t align with their musical taste, this one checks a lot of boxes so get off your high horse and give it a try.

The Blood Brothers “USA Nails”

We recently ranked the entire studio discography of the Blood Brothers. Not a single person disagreed with the results and it was nice to revisit the catalog, but the damage done to the writer who penned it might be irreversible. Recently, he’s just been muttering the hook of this song to himself at all hours, and even worse, he’s re-entering his bandana and youth-large tee phase. We’re really hoping it’s just a phase, but he has been adamant about it not being one.

Title Fight “Symmetry”

There are a lot of memes circulating that erroneously suggest Title Fight is planning a reunion. It’s incredibly wishful thinking and you might be wondering where they’re coming from. We hate to blow her cover, but it turns out that our managing editor has been making every single one of them while sobbing in her office to the band’s landmark album, ‘The Last Thing You’ll Forget.’ Chances are this shocking discovery will also be the last thing we’ll forget.

Listen to the always expanding playlist: