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Finally! After Years of Harassing Them To Get Back Together, Title Fight Reunited To Serve Us a Restraining Order

Title Fight was one of the greatest emo bands of the 2010s before they disappeared off the face of the Earth in 2018. It’s not that we don’t know their whereabouts. Thanks to the power of doxxing, public records searches, and questionable journalism ethics, we’ve spent years tracking each member’s every move. Now it’s finally paid off with the full band making their first public appearance in years to serve us a restraining order!

We typically prefer a barricade spot in front of the stage over an uncomfortable bench in a courtroom, but we can’t complain considering the intimate setting of this reunion.

Over the past few years, we’ve displayed “Love Actually” style cue cards reading “Any updates on Title Fight?” outside each of their homes, waited outside the men’s room at Jamie Rhoden’s favorite sports bar, and even cornered Ned Russin at a few of his Glitterer shows to ask the age-old question of when Title Fight will make its grand return.

After years of dodging the question with cowardly responses like “How did you get my address?” and “Please don’t talk to me at the urinal,” the members of Title Fight finally gave us a clear answer in the court of law. As the fine print on their protective order banning us from “all future performances” reveals, Title Fight is back! It just sucks that we’re legally prohibited from attending any of the inevitable reunion shows that will surely follow this court date. At least we got their autographs on all of the documents to commemorate our hard work.

Still, this testimony alone was well worth the wait. Title Fight’s new sound is fantastic! You can hear the rage in Ned’s voice when he says, “Leave me, my family, and my friends alone.” We haven’t heard that kind of raw, emotional songwriting since “Floral Green.”

This says so much about the power of investigative music journalism. Say what you will about our methods, but how else would we bring Title Fight back together?