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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week While Pretending Our ‘Seasonal’ Depression Isn’t Full Blown Depression

Another week has passed you by, you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, and you’ve listened to almost no music. That’s a crime in several states if you didn’t already know. Especially during springtime. Because your rap sheet is already pretty lengthy, we want to make sure you’re in the clear. Here are six songs we listened to this week that should help you avoid those costly court fees. Click here to listen while you read. We know your attention span is shot.

Cursive ‘Up And Away’

In case your saddest, most literary friend didn’t already tell you, Cursive has announced the follow-up to 2019’s excellent ‘Get Fixed.’ ‘Devourer,’ which is set to release in September, will be the band’s first effort in nearly half a decade, and it seemingly will be worth the wait. The deliriously dissonant and catchy lead single ‘Up And Away,’ marks a dazzling return to form while continuing to push the ever growing envelope of the group’s sound.

The Hope Conspiracy ‘Live In Fear’

Our office is currently being renovated. No, we didn’t really need an upgrade, it’s just that ever since Boston’s hardcore legends, The Hope Conspiracy, announced their first album in nearly two decades, at least half of our writers have been launching each other into the drywall. We would be angrier if the record didn’t fucking rip so hard. Welcome back, The Hope Conspiracy. We’ll send you the repair bill.

Petey ‘Home Alone House 2 feat. Owen’

As if last year’s stunner of an album, ‘USA,’ wasn’t enough to hold us over, singer-songwriter and internet sensation Petey is refusing to slow his roll. His latest, ‘Home Alone House 2,’ is a somber stroll through the trappings of youth that ultimately ends in hoping for some form of early onset dementia to ease the journey through adulthood and old age. When you get done being depressed as fuck, play it again to peep those harmonies.

Osees ‘Cassius, Brutas, & Judas’

At this point, we’re pretty sure John Dwyer is part of some weird government experiment that makes it impossible for him to not be recording a new album every second of every day. Less than a year after releasing the excellent ‘Intercepted Message,’ Osees have announced their 29th – yeah, you read that right – album, ‘SORCS 80.’ Along with the new announcement, they have dropped the disorienting ‘Cassius, Brutas, & Judas.’ The band is as chaotic as ever, and we are genuinely concerned. John, blink twice if you need assistance.

Illuminati Hotties ‘Didn’t’

Sarah Tudzin has had a busy couple of years offering production assistance to boygenius, Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz, and likely way more than we’ve heard about. This frenetic schedule clearly hasn’t stopped her from crafting what we assume will be another masterpiece of an album under the Illuminati Hotties moniker. ‘Power,’ the follow-up album to 2022’s epic ‘Let Me Do One More’ promises to be another powerhouse with each single that is released. The latest, ‘Didn’t,’ features an assist from Cavetown, as well as truly gigantic guitars and even bigger earworm hooks. Try not to listen to it all day, you have work to do, probably.

The Offspring ‘Make It All Right’

There’s a hot new band making the rounds. The kids are calling them ‘The Spring’ which is short for ‘The Offspring.’ Perhaps we’re more out of touch than we previously thought, because this is the first we’re hearing of the California quintet. We doubt it’s the last however, because their latest single ‘Make It All Right’ is destined to be the song of the summer. Make sure to keep an eye out for these guys, because we have a feeling shit’s about to blow up for them!

Even though you just said ‘sick, I’ll check it out later,’ we know you better at this point. You have no intention of listening to any of these songs. Admit it. That’s why we created a playlist for you, so all you need to do is click here, and let the tunes roll. We update it every week too, so there’s no excuse not to have better taste from this point forward.