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Every Rugrats Character Ranked by How Much Gambling Destroyed Their Lives

Excessive betting has the potential to destroy not only your own life, but that of your entire family. With the rise of services like DraftKings it’s never been easier to fall into the insidious trap of gambling addiction.

Compulsive gambling affects people from every walk of life, and often even those closest to a gambling addict won’t be aware of the problem until the gambler is way over their head in debt and trouble. Think it can’t affect you? Well, that’s what every character from the show “Rugrats” thought, and as you’ll soon read, they were all gravely mistaken.

Here’s everyone from “Rugrats” ranked by how much their lives were devastated by gambling. and remember, if you or a baby you know has a problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER and learn how to get the support you need.

30. Lucy Carmichael

Through the years we’ve seen Lucy take on a number of roles. She’s a Harvard-educated doctor. She’s a pilot. She’s a gourmet chef. Why does her identity change so often? Her real name is Maxine Cornocova, and she’s on the FBI’s most-wanted list for casino fraud.

29. Fluffy

When Angelica was hard up for cash she sold everything she owned to make ends meet. When that wasn’t enough she had to choose between her prized persian cat, or her kneecaps. Fluffy was sold to a good home, but she never recovered from the betrayal.

28. Kira Finster

You don’t suddenly fall in love with and move to America for Charles Finster without becoming persona non grata at every casino in Europe first.

27. Kimi Finster

From an early age Kimi was always a fearless sort who tended to lep before she looked. She’s lost it all on black more often than the average person has moved.

26. Boris Kropotkin

It turns out bingo can get pretty high stakes.

25. Reptar

We’re of course referring to all of the actors in the Reptar suit. They all gamble and none of their lives are going great.

24. Minka Kropotkin

Ever wonder what brought Minka here from the old country to begin with? That’s right, gambling debts.

23. Cynthia

One look at an in-the-box Cynthia doll vs. Angelica’s and you can see this doll is no stranger to hard living.

22. Charles Finster

The stresses of single fatherhood coupled with his innate timidness alway made Charles feel like he wasn’t the main character in his own life. Then, one night at a charity event, he discovered that he had a knack for poker. Winning made him feel big, like a real somebody. He has wasted tens of thousands of dollars chasing that high.

21. Susie Carmichael

Susie’s singing talents took her all the way to Vegas where her lounge singing would bring her close to fame. Unfortunately her favorite song became the siren call of the slot machines. Before long she was hooked, staying up all hours of the night chasing jackpots and blowing off gigs.

20. Betty DeVille

We all know Betty is an avid sports fan. A little too avid. The telltale black eye her husband Howard gets every year when her team get eliminated from the playoffs implies there’s some serious money on the line.

19. Charlotte Pickles

Charlotte’s access to Mega Corp’s books helped her cover her massive gambling losses betting on women’s tennis matches for many years, but eventually the feds caught up with her.

18. Johnathan

Warn down from years of trying to out-maneuver Charlotte on the corporate ladder, Jonathan sought solace in the one thing that gave him a sense of control—blackjack.

17. Howard DeVille

Being a timid person in a relationship with a big personality like Betty can be stressful, so every few months to blow off steam Howard drives to the bad part of town and drops in on a back alley dice game to feel alive. He is usually robbed and beaten, but that’s become a part of it for him.

16. Dr. Lipschitz

Didi’s favorite child psychologist sure has a lot of products under his belt. Books, videos, his own pay per minute hotline. With all of that money coming in it’s shocking that he still burns through it faster than he can make it. Lipschitz sufferers from a condition known as “Greyhound fever,” and it’s caused him to see the backside of a bookies hand on more than one occasion.

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