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Man Plans to Introduce His “You Don’t Know What Cold Weather Is” Friend to His “This Ain’t a Traffic Jam” Friend

CHICAGO – Local man Chad Hester finally made the decision to introduce his “you don’t know what cold weather is” friend to his “this ain’t a traffic jam” friend early this morning, confirmed sources close to the situation.

“I’ve known both for a very long time and, from what I can gather from conversations with them, they’d really hit it off. They’ve got first-hand knowledge of the subjects they love to talk about, sometimes for hours and hours even when people desperately try to change the subject,” said Hester. “Friendship, to me, is all about a true connection and also learning something from a new person. I think they both possess that skill, or talent, if you will. For some reason, it just seems right. I’m actually thinking this could be a beautiful bromance.”

Daniel Dogwood, the “cold weather” friend, recounted an instance where he set the weather record straight with Hester.

“Chad and I were meeting at a coffee shop one day. He made an off-the-cuff comment that we should get inside soon, get some hot coffee, warm-up, and talk. I was like, ‘you’re cold? This is Florida weather, dude! What are you talking about?’ He was confused at first, but after I sort-of set the record straight, if you will and explained that I had been in cold weather that’d make his head spin, I think he understood a little better. Then I lit up a cigarette and was like ‘I’ll see you inside man. I’m gonna stay outside and enjoy this.’”

Randell Worthers, the “traffic jam” friend, reported a palpable excitement regarding his upcoming meeting with Dogwood.

“Chad and I like to take a lot of road trips together to get a lot of male bonding time. He’s always worried that there’s gonna be traffic wherever we go,” said Worthers while gesturing to his Waze app. “I’m always like, ‘dude, I lived in LA and was on the 405 every day. Now that’s traffic. This is nothing. Calm down.’ That’s when the conversation shifted to this new friend he wants me to meet. Guy sounds cool. I love the idea of my mind being challenged, you know? When you stop learning, you stop living. Sounds like Daniel could really match my wits about a lot. I also think I could impart some wisdom on him about some things. Sharing my knowledge is a gift.”

Hester had also expressed that if this meeting works out and the two of them hit it off, he’d be very interested in introducing his, “you think that’s crazy? Listen to this story” friend to his “this ain’t real turbulence” traveling companion.