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Fiscally Responsible Punk Starts Dating Their Drug Dealer

PORTLAND, Maine — Frugal punk, and self-described “hopeless romantic,” Tyler Castaneda recently devised a scheme to save money by dating the woman who sells him pills, thrifty sources confirmed.

“My grandpa had always taught me that your Addy, Xany, and booger sugar budget should never exceed 30% of your monthly income, but I was regularly blowing that number out of the water. And with the economy the way it’s been lately, and having already stolen all the catalytic converters in the neighborhood, I had to start tightening my bullet belt and look to cut some corners,” said Castaneda. “That’s when I had the brilliant idea to start fucking my drug dealer. She’s pretty good-looking, and the fact I know she carries two cans of bear spray and a small gun make the fling more exciting. Now I’m getting high for free and all it requires is some light prostitution and a bit of my already dwindling dignity.”

Slightly less fiscally irresponsible roommate Nella Barker disapproved of Castaneda’s decision.

“I came home to find Tyler donning one of those green visors and using an adding calculator like you’d see in a ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoon. I’m not sure how exactly he ‘crunched the numbers’ and came to this conclusion that regularly porking the creep that steals Adderall from her 11-year-old brother saves you money,” said Barker. “Because now we’ve got this person who is constantly in our house, dealing on our front porch, eating what little food we’ve got, and passing out on our couch.”

Financial advisor Ted Hutton offered his insight into Castaneda’s creative budgeting.

“I am the world’s first and only punk financial advisor. And with good reason, as you can imagine my advice is thoroughly reckless and incredibly dangerous. But for those looking to save some money with little regard to their own health or self-respect, I’ve got plenty of ideas,” said Hutton. “For instance, if you know you’re going to drink until you puke, do not eat beforehand. Why waste money on food that you’re just going to upchuck behind the venue? Also, taxes. Just don’t do them. Ever. That’ll save you $1.15 on envelopes and stamps right there.”

At press time, Castaneda is attempting to stretch his budget further by beginning a polyamorous relationship with a local diner waitress, his optometrist, and a wealthy, sickly octogenarian.