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What a Dumbass! This Guy Thought His Emergency Dental Surgery Was Covered by Healthcare

Lemme introduce you to this week’s asshole: Davis Benton of Pasadena, California. What makes him an asshole, you ask? This douche actually thought his healthcare coverage included emergency dental surgery. What year is it? 2999? Does he want his healthcare to drive him to work and make him lunch too? YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL!

This jagoff was heard saying “It makes no sense, it’s part of my health. Why wouldn’t it be covered by my health insurance” Um, maybe because it’s super expensive and insurance companies actually exist to profit off human misery you dumb piece of shit!

Seriously, this generation is so entitled. “Pay me what I’m worth!” “Unpaid internships are unethical!” “The cost of living is so high!” You know what’s also too high? The cost of living with woke snowflakes. Also my blood pressure. Probably because of all the woke snowflakes.

I don’t know what America you’ve been living in, but in my America, we stand for the flag, eat big-ass hamburgers and die way too young due to something easily preventable that our insurance refused to cover. That or we get shot in classrooms. But Davis “I’m an entitled bag of shit” Benton thinks he’s better than that. “In Canada, they have state-sponsored healthcare that is covered by your taxes” Well you know what else they have? MILK IN FUCKING BAG. What is this? Milk-in-a-bag-world? Where we all get to have our healthcare covered, regardless of our income, and then drink milk from a bag? Fuck you.

If you wanna be a communist, go for it. Go to Nazi Germany and be a communist, because in my head those are the same things, and NO I’m not gonna listen to why I’m wrong about that. He’s the asshole, not me. If he wants his face to NOT be in constant agonizing pain, maybe he should’ve had a rich dad, instead of working 65 hours a week to have a third of his paycheck taken away for health insurance that doesn’t actually cover anything and requires a $35 copay for general health visits and $100 copays for a specialist. Oh you wanna see a specialist? Because you’re so special? Nut up and be in pain like a real American.