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How to Avoid Self-Care During the Perfect Time to Self-Care

With the increase of social distancing amidst the coronavirus crisis, it is truly the perfect time to self-care, which also makes it the perfect time to avoid doing so. Why better yourself when you can replace healthy coping mechanisms such as self-reflection, eating well, and mindfulness with self-pity, binge eating, and catastrophizing!

Here are some tips from The Hard Times to avoid self-care at all costs during this unique break from the pressures of daily life:

Be sure to read the news every second of the day – With the media blasting coronavirus updates non-stop, you may decide that it is more beneficial to binge watch your favorite sitcoms. Although you’re not wrong, you should obsessively absorb the news to ensure that you’ll spiral into a pit of anxiety and depression instead.

Frantically write letters to all of your loved ones for them to read when you die – Have you not told someone your true feelings for them? Have you not told all of your friends and family that you love them in a while? Instead of enjoying their virtual company and support via FaceTime, convince yourself that death is inevitable and start writing death notes for when your temperature exceeds 104 degrees! Also, don’t forget to imagine your own funeral that will surely take place on Google Hangouts.

Stay in bed all day binge drinking and eating junk food – With all stores closed (other than essential businesses such as liquor stores) and events canceled, it’s a perfect time to take a jog around the block. That said, it’s also the perfect time to stay in bed, binge drink, and eat junk food while you think about how nothing matters anymore.

Wallow and feel ashamed of yourself – Staying at home without the hecticness of usual day to day life provides you with a unique opportunity to reflect, and to forgive yourself and others for the past. Alternatively, you should think about everything you hate about yourself and those who have wronged you. Do not, by any means, read a self-help book to heal your childhood wounds, even though you have all of the time in the world to do this or a million other things that will better yourself!

We hope that during this perfect time to self-care, you are doing exactly the opposite.