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Did You Hear About Our Old Neighbor? Yeah, He’s Dead. (Guest Column by Your Mom)

Hey honey, thanks for calling! How are you doing? Is work good? Yes, yes I’m doing well here. I went to Pickleball this morning and chatted with Linda from Euclid Street, do you remember her? She’s always bragging about her kids. Well, she told me just the craziest story. Do you remember Dan, our old neighbor? The one who had all the gnome statues in his yard. And he had a weird eye and always handed out Mounds at Halloween. Those are the worst candies. Remember him? Yeah, he’s dead. Died of a heart attack two months ago. Just like that.

Yeah, crazy news. But how are things with you? Are you still dating that girl Susan? Or Sarah. What’s her name? Oh, yes. Your dad always said you’d end up alone but, I knew you’d find a nice girl! Crazy about that boat.

What boat? The one that killed those people in the Indian Ocean. Nothing they could do, it just blew up. Ooh one sec, that’s the cookies I’m baking I’ve gotta grab them. Yes, I’m back honey. Did you get those reels I sent you? Three videos of dogs and one of how many people die in car accidents every year. Hope you enjoyed it!

I had lunch with Claire Smith yesterday. Do you remember her? She was telling me about her daughter Susan. You remember her. She went to high school with you. Well her boyfriend, do you remember him? Otis. Well, she was telling me about Susan’s boyfriend’s uncle’s brother-in-law John who used to be a lawyer over our salads. There were pomegranate seeds in it. These new salad places are crazy. They’ll put anything on a salad these days.

Anyway, Claire was telling me about John. Who’s John? I just told you! Claire’s daughter’s boyfriend’s uncle’s brother-in-law! The lawyer. Yeah. He died. Cancer or a car accident. So sad. LOL. What honey? No, that means lots of love!

Okay, I’ll talk to you later honey. Be safe! You never know when you could have a gas leak in your house.