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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week While Trying To Look Cool In Front Of Our 750,000 Instagram Followers

Spring is finally here. A season of reinvention and change is upon us. While the entire world embraces the warmer temperatures and eagerly tries out new looks and experiences, you’ve been confined to your living room wearing a Title Fight t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in several months or possibly even years. It’s time to get out of the rut you’ve willingly crawled into and turn a new leaf. One of the easiest ways to trick people into thinking you’ve cultivated a new outlook on life is by digging into some new music. Since we know you have no idea people still make new music, we’ve compiled a list of tracks to help ease you back into the real world. Take a listen, and maybe, like, go for a walk or something. You’re bumming us out.

TWRP “Content 4 U”

If you’re anything like us, you’ve always wondered what ELO would sound like if Jeff Lynne had an iPhone in the late ‘70s. Fortunately, Canada’s futura-pop champions TWRP have been hard at work in what we assume is a remote, darkly lit lab on the outskirts of Halifax finding the exact answer to that ridiculous question. Their latest album, ‘Digital Nightmare,’ delivers 12 of the most infectious songs you’ve ever heard detailing humanity’s ever-growing dependency on the digital world. Album highlight ‘Content 4 U’ is a vocoder-laced plea for mercy in a world that demands constant entertainment. It’s the most you’ll ever dance to a deeply concerning message in your entire life.

Softcult “Spiralling Out”

Up and coming Canadian duo Softcult have been making waves with their unique sonic blend of grunge and shoegaze coupled with a delightful mall-goth aesthetic. They’ve been steadily dropping new singles, culminating in the announcement of a new EP entitled, ‘Heaven.’ To mark the occasion, they’ve dropped yet another track, a delirious ode to those struggling with anxiety entitled ‘Spiralling Out.’ As if the incredible track wasn’t enough, the accompanying video is so disorienting that when we put it up on our in-office projector, seven of our interns threw up simultaneously.

The Gaslight Anthem “Ocean Eyes” (Billie Eilish Cover)

It’s no secret that the influence of Billie Eilish has a wider reach than most could even begin to fathom. Hearing her seminal track, ‘Ocean Eyes,’ screamed with the trademark grit of Brian Fallon, however, is refreshing territory. The cover comes as part of the Gaslight Anthem’s new EP ‘History Books – Short Stories,’ a companion piece to last year’s incredible comeback LP, ‘History Books.’ As great songs often do, the pop flair of Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes,’ transitions into the high-octane Gaslight Anthem sonic world with ease, finally giving you something to talk about with your younger siblings or nieces and nephews.

Adrianne Lenker “Free Treasure”

Adrianne Lenker is a musical force that can not be stopped or reckoned with. Her latest album, ‘Bright Future’ marks the eleventh release between her band, Big Thief, and solo material in just under a decade. Where other artists might find themselves yearning for a hiatus, or simply just out of ideas, Lenker only seems to be dipping her toes while simultaneously making the multitude of songwriters on our staff feel really shitty about not finishing their bedroom albums. The final advance leading up to the incredible album, ‘Free Treasure,’ is an inviting and warm ode to a fledgling relationship that proves Lenker’s talents continue to radiate even in their most stripped down form.

Night Verses “Slow Dose (feat. Anthony Green)”

The legendary SoCal instrumental trio just released the first half of their double album, ‘Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of The Night’ last week, and it is a stark reminder that they are one of the best of their genre. This time around, they have enlisted the help of a few guest vocalists to articulate the feelings that cannot be conveyed by all the atmospheric guitar wizardry they typically employ. One of these guests is none other than Circa Survive’s Anthony Greene, who lends his signature tenor to the breathy, moody ‘Slow Dose.’ It’s the kind of song that will remind you of that time you almost tried shrooms at a music festival, which is fitting due to the fact that Brandon Boyd also makes an appearance on the record.

Modest Mouse “Ocean Breathes Salty – Poolside Remix”

If you can believe it, Modest Mouse’s seminal breakthrough album ‘Good News For People Who Love Bad News’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. This makes the album title even more fitting considering how much this announcement reminds us of our impending, inescapable mortality. Because the band knows how depressing the passage of time can be, they are releasing an expanded version of the album with several newer before heard remixes, including the just released Poolside remix of the hit single ‘Ocean Breathes Salty.’ It’s a dancy arrangement that is sure to make you want to head straight to the beach until you remember all of your joint problems and that weird mole thing that’s been growing on your toe.

Did you know we’ve compiled these and several other songs into a convenient and disorienting playlist? Did you also know we update it every week so you never even have to try to look for new songs yourself? It’s because we love you that much, even though you’ll never appreciate it enough. Click here to listen, follow, and share. If we get enough likes, we might even consider adding good music to it!