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Eight Songs We’re Listening To This Week While Waiting For Our Offer Letter From GQ

The world is in a constant state of change. Always evolving, flowing, and altering its shape. It’s time you get with the program and stop floundering in your old ways. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your compatibility with the modern zeitgeist is make some upgrades to your musical taste. Considering the fact that you’ve consistently bitched about how music hasn’t been good in nearly two decades, it’s likely the notion of being proven wrong is scary and overwhelming to you. That’s why we here at the Hard Times have consulted with our in-house experts to bring you eight of the best new tracks the internet has to offer. Throw these into the rotation and watch as your friends and loved ones suddenly want to associate with you again.

IDLES “Gift Horse”

IDLES frontman Joe Talbot has touted the band’s forthcoming effort ‘TANGK’ as a collection of love songs. Bearing this in mind, it comes as no surprise that their latest single ‘Gift Horse’ is a deranged, rowdy, and dissonant dance tune seemingly written about one hell of a racing stallion. Perhaps the lyrics are metaphorical, but until we get some decent liner notes upon the album’s release we can only assume that Talbot and company have a disturbing soft spot for equestrianism.

Modern Life Is War “End Times Dub”

Between 2018 and 2021, hardcore mainstays Modern Life Is War released a series of singles known as Tribulation Worksongs. Originally released on limited seven inches, the six songs that comprised the sessions have now been condensed into a single EP, with an added Urian Hackney dub remix of highlight “Feels Like End Times.” This is not only great news for vinyl enthusiasts that hate standing up repeatedly in between songs, but also for those who like their apocalyptic lyrics coupled with a bit more groove.

Laura Jane Grace “Birds Talk Too”

With less than a month until the release of Laura Jane Grace’s forthcoming LP, ‘Hole In My Head,’ the singer-songwriter has, well, graced us with one more earworm to tide us over. ‘Birds Talk Too’ – which was reportedly written on an elaborately painted guitar gifted to her by Japanese tattoo artist, Gakkin – is a ridiculously fun new-wavy bop that only Grace could sing. Be warned that we are not responsible for your impending inability to get the hellaciously catchy guitar riff out of your head once you hit play.

Adrianne Lenker “Sadness As A Gift”

Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker just announced her fourth LP, ‘Bright Future,’ which is due out at the end of March. If you hear reports of unprecedented flooding around that time, keep in mind that global warming might not be the culprit, but rather the collective tears of all who dare to pick up a copy. Coupled with the announcement comes a new single ‘Sadness As A Gift’ which is an Americana-drenched ode to finding beauty in the aftermath of a romance grown cold. Despite its overall positive outlook, you should probably delete your ex’s number before listening.

Green Day “Bobby Sox”

Green Day just released their fourteenth studio album, ‘Saviors.’ You might be shocked to learn that it’s actually a pretty solid effort after what seemed like an endless slew of misses from the legendary pop-punk trio. To help usher in the album’s release the band dropped a surprise video for the song ‘Bobby Sox.’ In addition to being a refreshingly fun track and album highlight, its accompanying visual is a wholesome who’s who of a new generation of punk, featuring cameos from the Linda Lindas, Destroy Boys, Zulu, and a shit ton more. The kids are alright, and apparently Green Day is too.

The American Analog Set “What Are We Going to Tell Guy”

Early next month, lo-fi noise-pop legends The American Analog Set will release a 5-LP box set entitled ‘New Drifters.’ It will collect their first three albums and a bevy of studio outtakes. The latest outtake, ‘What Are We Going to Tell Guy,’ is a nearly 13-minute stroll through various soundscapes. It’s so calming that we’ve been quietly playing it during the frequent and violent altercations that occur in our writers’ room. It seems to be working so far, but we can’t emphasize how soon the rest of the box set needs to come out.

Arm’s Length “I Don’t Love You (My Chemical Romance Cover)”

Every fledgling emo band must go through several rites of passage before becoming embedded within the scene. While many of these rites are steeped in mystery and heavily guarded from the public, the covering of ‘Black Parade’ era My Chemical Romance is a well-known and essential practice. The quality of said cover can make or break a band’s entire career, so we’re happy to report Ontario up-and-comers Arm’s Length have really knocked it out of the park with their rendition of MCR’s classic ballad ‘I Don’t Love You.’

The Menstrual Cramps “Body Politics”

Last year was so jam packed with absolute jams that we were bound to miss a few, including The Menstrual Cramps excellent single ‘Body Politics,’ which was released back in November. The track carries on their legacy for patriarchy smashing political punk as it tackles societal gender norms with ferocity and a backbeat you could set a broken watch to. Imagine your Gender Studies professor at a rave and you might get close to the raw power the Menstrual Cramps exude.

We know you have a lot on your plate, and making a playlist is a monumental task to ask of you. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile these and other songs in an ongoing playlist. It’s updated weekly so all you have to do is blindly follow it and let it warp you accordingly. You can click here to do just that! Thank us when you finally have some relevant bands to talk about.