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Opinion: Trump Is a Bumbling Moron Who Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

This fucking guy. Our so called “president” (aka “45” because I refuse to even say Donald Trump’s name) is a complete fucking idiot that we gave access to nukes and an army. What a fucking stupid dipshit dummy fuckhead, who manipulates the media and his political opponents into doing exactly what he wants at every turn. Don’t be fooled by his idiotic demeanor, he knows exactly what he’s doing- that stupid fucking moron.

Look at the way he handles the media. That dumb motherfucker bumbles his way through press conferences like he has no concept of the English language. He sounds like a complete moron when he reads his carefully curated speeches perfectly designed to manipulate the media into whatever narrative will suit his future plans that we don’t even know yet! That stupid idiot is planning 10 steps ahead like a chess grand-master.

And look at how he uses social media. I am embarrassed for myself and this country every time that dum dum tweets. He has no clue how stupid he looks when he fires off 280 characters of masterfully crafted, weaponized tweets that burrow into the minds of the people and gets them to think exactly how he wants them to think. This mastermind simultaneously infuriates his opponents into behaving exactly the way he needs them to in order for his voter base to strengthen their resolve. What a buffoon.

45 is playing 4D chess with our media and political system. He is a calculated, crafty, simpleton. I don’t know how he even stays alive while literally having no brain. He’s a stupid, moronic, literal genius who cannot be stopped except by a unified force of educated voters who can identify his tactics and inform his voter base of dumb dipshits that he is manipulating their stupid dumb doo-doo-head brains to think he’s a fucking idiot just like them.

Why won’t those morons listen to us? Probably because 45 is using ingenious tactics to keep them brainwashed by his dumb words and stupid ideas. What an erudite halfwit!