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Opinion: The Crimes of the Jan. 6th Protestors Are Pretty Small Compared to the Stuff I Made up About Antifa

Which of these is the bigger crime: Literally just walking into a building, or murdering babies to drink their blood in a satanic ritual that turns celebrities gay? The answer is obviously baby murder, and that’s exactly what Antifa is doing I bet. Where’s their trial? Apparently, things I make up off the top of my head aren’t admissible as evidence, how convenient for the libs!

Have you ever noticed that whenever Antifa violently storms a government building they don’t record themselves doing it or leave any evidence that they ever did it, and no one witnesses them doing it? They’re crafty those liberals, I’ll give them that.

The participants of the January 6th protest are facing an overwhelmingly higher level of persecution from our government than the members of Antifa, and why? For the simple fact that they actually exist and their crimes were incredibly serious. It’s disgusting and shameful.

Think about it. If you want to build a case against the January 6th rioters you have hours of footage taken by the people involved that clearly shows them knowingly storming the capitol building with the intent of overturning democracy. If you want to build a case against Antifa you have absolutely nothing to go on besides the stuff my buddies and I make up about them because we’re mentally ill bigots. Fair and balanced? Give me a break.

For an offense as trite as trying to violently overthrow the United States government, many of our greatest patriots are facing as much as 45 days of jail time. Antifa propaganda agents will try to convince you that’s only a month and a half, but to a group of people who crave freedom above all, it may as well be a billion trillion years.

Who will take care of the online Russian girlfriends of these brave soldiers as they toil away in prison for half a season? Who will manage their fantasy sports drafts or make racist, ill-informed comments on their relative’s Facebook posts? Who, I ask you, will tell it like it is on youtube from the trucks of our once great nation?