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Opinion: Maybe Coronavirus Wouldn’t Be so Deadly If It Hadn’t Played so Many Violent Video Games

There’s no doubt in my mind that scientists and medical experts all around the globe are working tirelessly to prevent COVID-19 from taking more lives. And I don’t mean to step on their toes here, because virology and epidemiology are complicated, but maybe coronavirus wouldn’t be so deadly if it hadn’t played so many violent video games.

In this variation of severe acute respiratory syndrome, infected patients can develop pneumonia and multiple-organ failure, and so far it has killed about 4.7 percent of recorded cases. I’m just saying, perhaps, that number would be lower if coronavirus hadn’t grown up in a society that glorifies violence, which includes gruesome and grisly video games.

Let us break it down for you. COVID-19 has a biological imperative to hijack and kill healthy host cells to reproduce and survive. But why? Who said it had to kill people? We don’t know about you but that sure sounds like an internalized level of aggression that one could only develop from hundreds of hours playing Grand Theft Auto.

All of this talk of ‘social distancing’ and ‘flattening the curve’ is a bunch of bologna that wouldn’t be necessary had Bill Clinton taken measures to prevent the corrupting influence of barbaric entertainment media back when DOOM made those kids shoot up Columbine.

Violent video games are the problem here. Not our inadequate emergency response infrastructure, not government inaction, and certainly not COVID-19 itself. Viruses don’t kill people; people kill people but only because they uppercutted half of Scorpion’s frozen torso off in the early ’90s.


Regardless the cause, we can all agree it’s best we just send our thoughts and prayers to the families of coronavirus victims and forget about this pandemic until the next one.

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