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Original Members of Misfits Cover Band Reunite for Halloween Show

BOSTON — Popular Misfits cover band Allston Zombies announced earlier today that they will play a “one night only” show this Halloween, featuring their original lineup after an almost 12-month-long hiatus.

“A lot of people said this would never happen. But then my friend Cynthia [McDaniel] asked if we would play her Halloween party, and I had nothing else going on,” said Luke Triggler, who will be playing the role of Jerry Only. “I called up our guitar player, and it was tense at first, because he already had plans to see a movie that night. But as soon as he rescheduled, I knew it could actually be a possibility.”

The reunion of the beloved local musicians came from the tireless efforts of many people working behind the scenes, with McDaniel instrumental in bringing the original lineup back together.

“They played my Halloween party last year, and it was pretty good, so I knew I had to pull out all the stops to get them back,” said McDaniel. “I texted all of them. The biggest hold out was their singer, Mitch [Wagner]. They played at my barbecue over the summer without him, and it just wasn’t the same.”

Wagner, one of the founding members of Allston Zombies, was the final piece of the puzzle to make the reunion a reality.


“Listen, people think me and the guys have bad blood stemming back to last year when Luke said the pumpkin I carved was ‘pretty sad,’ but it’s water under the bridge,” said Wagner, sorting through his skeleton print t-shirts. “The big problem was that I had to work the late shift at Whole Foods on Halloween, but I asked my boss, and she said I could take off early. So, the band is back together, baby!”

Allston Zombies later announced that while they prepare for their Misfits-themed reunion, their Iron Maiden tribute band will be on indefinite hiatus.

Photo by Josh Jurk.