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Wormrot Finally Bows to Public Pressure and Replaces Vocalist with Goat

SINGAPORE — Members of grindcore trio Wormrot announced their vocalist Arif Rot is being replaced by the random goat that became an internet sensation after being photographed watching the band at a show in 2012.

“For the past decade we have had people asking us about the goat. They want to know if the goat tours with us, they want to know if the goat is cool in person, and they want to know if they can feed the goat some corn,” said drummer Vijesh Ghariwala. “We get it, people want the grind goat. I wasn’t easy, but after hours of negotiations with the farmer that owns him we were finally able to officially add that furry beast to our lineup. Kicking Arif out of the band for a barnyard animal was tough, but he completely understood and he’s dedicating more time to his art studio, Rotworks.”

At press time, Wormrot’s newest member was seen eating a variety of tin cans and dozens of copies of the band’s fourth studio album “Hiss.”

Photo by Azean Rot.