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Warped Tour ’98 Carpool Reunites for Fest 15 Road Trip

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The original lineup of the infamous ’98 carpool to Warped Tour reunited this weekend for the Fest 15. According to those who followed the trip on the now usually very mundane social media feeds of group, the friend group was true to form, although it did feature substantially more beard hair and talk of microbrews.

“I will never forget that trip,” said Ian Lee, the man responsible for reuniting the group of friends. “We were so young and excited to see all our favorite bands at the Warped Tour. It wasn’t easy getting the gang back together for one more show, but once we saw the lineup we knew we had to make it happen. Less Than Jake is playing!”

The four men, now all approaching 40, say securing permission from their spouses to attend the event was more difficult than getting the green light from parents to attend Warped Tour in ’98, but well worth it.

“It was a lot different back then. We were in Tom’s junky Honda Accord, where you always needed to have the heat on or the radiator would explode,” said road tripper Dennis Dobbins. “And half the time we were driving back then we were wasted. But now with the kids back home that seems irresponsible. I might have a drink with dinner if we stop somewhere, but other than that? No.”


The men, excited to attend the event featuring bands like Mustard Plug, Knapsack, Propagandhi, and Strike Anywhere, say some things never change.

“Whether it’s 1998 or 2016,” Lee began from the passenger seat, “we’re still just getting in the car to see some pop punk, hanging out, shooting the shit, and talking about a Clinton presidential scandal.”