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Orchid’s “Chaos Is Me” Syncs Perfectly with “Frasier” S7 E15

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A seemingly random episode of Frasier syncs perfectly with Orchid’s debut album, Chaos Is Me, according to devout screamo fan and self-described “Frasier-Craniac” Max Beverly.

“It’s too perfect to be accidental,” Beverly said. “Those guys knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote that album: they were creating a soundtrack to a perfect episode of the greatest show.”

After painstaking research, Beverly discovered the thematic and lyrical correlations between Chaos Is Me and the Frasier episode “Out With Dad,” resulting in the “Chaos Is Dad” pairing.

“First off, the name of the album — and first track — is Chaos Is Me. Frasier’s struggle to decide what to do with ‘those tossed salads and scrambled eggs?’ That’s Frasier’s chaos,” Beverly argued. “It’s all right there in front of you; they couldn’t have made it any more obvious. I mean, the title of the first track is in French — a language in which Frasier is fluent, as any true fan would know.”

Orchid, however, denied all claims.

“We definitely did not write that album as any sort of companion piece to Frasier. I’ve never even seen an episode of the show,” said vocalist Jayson Green. “I did like his character on Cheers, but I didn’t care to follow his exploits to Seattle.”

Despite the outright denial, Beverly insisted the hit NBC sitcom and classic screamo album synch perfectly. “You’re honestly gonna tell me it’s a coincidence that ‘Aesthetic Dialectic’ — a song that just so happens to have the lyric, ‘You don’t even try to fake it’ — starts right when Niles is at the door?” said Beverly. “It’s an obvious reference to Niles’ love for Daphne.”


For successful viewing, Beverly claimed the album should be started on the episode’s title screen, “just after the Seattle skyline appears but before the shooting star crosses the sky.” Beverly also suggested pausing the album and show when necessary to “appreciate the jokes.”

When reached for comment, Orchid bassist Geoff Garlock did offer some unexpected insight.

“I wasn’t in the band at that time, so I can’t comment on Chaos is Me specifically. But I will say Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! was inspired by that episode in the 5th season of Moesha, when she has all those erotic dreams,” said Garlock.