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No One Taking Chain of Strength’s New Year’s Resolution Very Seriously

LOS ANGELES — No one is really taking Chain of Strength’s New Year’s resolution very seriously.

The legendary hardcore band, which continues to influence straight edge music and fashion to this day, says that militantly following every rule of a New Year’s resolution was not the original idea behind the tradition.

“A New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean never,” Curt Canales, the bands frontman, explained. “New Year’s resolutions are turning into ‘don’t do this, don’t do that,’ but it’s really all about moderation. Occasionally having a sip of a broken New Year’s resolution amongst friends is not that big of deal.”

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Analysts say Chris Bratton, who drums for the iconic straight edge band, will most likely be the only band member to stay true to his New Year’s resolution ’til death.

In a different but related story, Ray of Today has announced his New Year’s resolution is to stop “going to Italy.”

Photo: Nicole C. Kibert

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