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Newly Uncovered Anal Cunt Tapes Reveal More Things Seth Putnam Thought Was Gay

NEWTON, Mass. — Recently discovered Anal Cunt demo tapes will be released later this year, detailing new subjects former frontman Seth Putnam once considered “gay,” Wicked Sick Records representatives confirmed.

“These tracks reveal a whole new side of Seth — a side people have never seen before. A side that thinks Pearl Jam is gay, a side that thinks rednecks are gay, and a more progressive side of him that thinks politics are gay,” said Anal Cunt drummer Tim Morse. “These songs are a must have for any Anal Cunt completionists out there.”

Set to release in April, the 87 unheard tracks clock in at a total of 19 minutes. The album of rarities includes unreleased demos along with newer versions of many classic Anal Cunt songs.

“When Seth first wrote ‘Recycling Is Gay,’ he was very unsure of how to properly convey such a nuanced idea. I think people will enjoy seeing the different ways he worked to reflect that,” said former Anal Cunt manager Terry Cowell. “I remember the long nights we spent discussing his lyrics — even 20 years later, a song like ‘Windchimes Are Gay’ is just as poignant.”

While Putnam’s sudden death forced Anal Cunt to disband in 2011, Morse is aware of the band’s legacy, and often thinks of the direction Anal Cunt could have taken had they continued.


“I’m sure we would have accused Bernie Sanders of having AIDS. And maybe something about global warming being gay,” said Morse, holding back tears. “ Who knows? Maybe it would have been something simple, like a dead celebrity sucking. We’ll never really know.”

The newly discovered tapes have already created a stir with the band’s passionate fan base.

“It could be anything, really. These tapes are 20 years old. He could be calling the Simpsons gay, or he could be pointing his arrows at something like NAFTA,” said diehard fan Paul Trigler. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to see what else Seth thought was gay… but I’m even more excited to see who he calls a pussy.”

A special edition vinyl release will also include Putnam’s magnum opus, meant to reflect his entire life: a two-minute long epic titled, “My Life Was Gay.”

Photo by Kyle Erf @KyleErf.