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Dad Bonds With Promoter Over Son’s Lack of Hustle

DURHAM, N.C. — Local father Bob Taggart spent all of last night’s show at the Steel Cup Lounge speaking with promoter Steve “Froggy” Fordham, delving into the ways Taggart’s son is a lazy kid with no work ethic, fed up sources confirm.

“Froggy is my kind of dude. Old school,” said Taggart, father of Billy Taggart, the bassist of local hardcore band Jak fRAWst. “It was refreshing to spend a few hours hanging with a guy who knows the value of work… unlike my deadbeat son.”

The conversation reportedly took place over multiple whiskey sodas at the venue bar, while the teenage members of Jak fRAWst and other bands collected tickets, set up instruments, checked sound, decided set times, announced the beginning of the show, played a whole night of music, and cleaned up the venue afterward.

“Turns out, we both had jobs as teenagers — I mowed lawns, and Froggy ran a distribution company,” said Taggart, likely referring to DimeDeals Inc., an LLC that was dissolved after Fordham was convicted of selling cocaine at the age of 19. “Meanwhile, these kids spend all their time in the garage screwing around with their guitars or whatever. Froggy said they even complained about selling 100 measly tickets. Did I tell you I mowed lawns?”

The younger Taggart seemed surprised to hear of the conversation, having apparently never met or spoken with Fordham at any time before, during, or after the show.

“Wait, that was the promoter? The sketchy dude my dad was talking to the whole time we were playing?” said Taggart, opening an email on his phone. “Froggy emailed us the tickets last week, but the link was broken, and all our replies to him bounced back. We had to call the venue and figure it out ourselves.”

Although the two men allegedly exchanged their contact information, another meeting had yet to be scheduled as of press time.

“I texted Froggy about hanging out, but he said he was ‘real tied up in a lot of shit’ and would get back to me,” said the hopeful elder Taggart. “I’ll be hearing from him any day now, I’m sure.”