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Coachella Goer Just Kinda Assumed Mac DeMarco Would Be There

INDIO, Calif. — Coachella goer and indie rock fan Joseph Murs was disappointed to learn yesterday that Canadian musician Mac DeMarco was somehow not scheduled to play Coachella 2018, multiple eyewitnesses report.

“I mean, it’s pretty safe to assume he’d be here — you can’t blame me for not knowing this,” Murs said, lighting a cigarette as he studied the festival’s schedule. “This is one of the largest gatherings of stoned, white college kids in the entire nation, and he’s not gonna play? What the fuck?”

“What really pisses me off is that Mac played here in 2015 while I was trying to find Arctic Monkeys. I guess I’ll never learn,” Murs added, looking off into the distance. “I brought my cassette of Salad Days so he could autograph it, but I traded it for a bottle of Gatorade and a shirt I think somebody threw up on.”

When reached for comment, Goldenvoice CEO Paul Tollett was similarly taken aback.

“[DeMarco] isn’t playing?” Tollett said, grabbing a poster on his desk to double check. “The booking guys just kinda send me the poster, and I’m supposed to approve it… and I swear, I read through it, but, like… nobody reads the small font names. I guess I just assumed he was in there. Wait, who let Benjamin Booker play this year?”


Despite the unfortunate oversight, others who planned to see DeMarco play Coachella weren’t as upset by his omission.

“I’m mostly here to try to drop acid with San Holo backstage anyway, and they’ve got Mild High Club, which is close enough,” said Ana Chaudhary, fidgeting with her “This Old Dog” pin. “Besides, I don’t know how long I’m gonna last here, if I’m being honest. I only have enough cash to buy four $12 waters, and some vegan nachos, maybe. We’ll see.”

When asked about choosing to not play the festival, DeMarco simply responded, “What’s Coachella?”