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7 Dead, Hundreds Injured After Joke Told at Punk Show

WASHINGTON — Seven punks are dead and hundreds more were injured after the front man of an opening band told a joke at a DIY basement show. According to a first responder on the scene, at least five punks standing within the blast radius of the joke are currently in critical condition.

“As soon as he said ‘knock knock,’ I knew shit was going down,” a concertgoer who identified himself only as “Pakrat” said. “Who’s there? A fucking massacre was who was there.”

The shockwaves of the attack could be felt throughout the punk world as news spread via social networking sites. Many punks took to Facebook to show solidarity with the victims.

“If you think that disgusting excuse for a ‘joke’ that killed three of my friends is funny, then just do me a favor and unfriend me right the fuck now. kthx bye,” user Cynthia Punxbuttons posted.

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Calls for Jeremy Petersen, the frontman who told the joke, to “no longer be supported by the scene,” have reached a fever pitch. The hashtag #BasementBombing is trending within punk circles, concerning many non-punks that something terrible actually happened at the show.

UPDATE: Jeremy’s band, Meat Factory, has been kicked off of two upcoming shows, and most forums dedicated to punk or hardcore music have at least two threads going about the scandal. For more live coverage follow: @RealPunkNews on Twitter.

Photo provided by Jason Mazzola.


  1. Fox December 30, 2014

    Who wrote this?

  2. Lisa December 30, 2014

    What is this “JOKE” that was told?
    Terrible news for our punx family sorry to hear this

    • mike December 31, 2014

      The joke was….he insighted a riot by saying….knock knock….the crowed said who’s there….he said a massacre…that’s who…so..the crowed went wild..beating everyone up around them

      • MikeS January 18, 2015

        So… just a bunch of ugly sheep?? Don’t blame him, blame the pathetic fucks…

  3. dumb December 30, 2014

    its satire you mook

    • biscuits December 31, 2014

      You don’t know what satire is, dumb.

  4. Spicoli December 30, 2014

    I can’t find anything on the internet about this and what actually happen. Not enough news. Have so many questions…not sure if this is for real. How did the people die? Can’t even find the band “Meat Factory” on the internet or seven people dying in WA or anything to do with basement bombing and punk shows……Just sayin. Maybe I’ll ask my local area Sacto Pyrate Punx.

    • Skrip January 17, 2015

      its satire, dude.

  5. Steve December 30, 2014

    And just HOW is this “satire” exactly? Does anyone have a clue what satire is anymore or did the internet generation just up and change the definition? Nothing satirical about this. Failure.

    • andy December 31, 2014

      Apparently you’re either retarded or gullible as fuck

  6. MTG December 30, 2014

    Satire – the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    You fucking mooks.

  7. Phil Robles December 30, 2014

    Breaking news, punk scene still too stupid and humorless to understand satire. Details above.

  8. TRMCGRIZZ December 30, 2014

    the joke bombed……. get it

  9. nobunagaoda1134 December 30, 2014

    can’t anyone else tell that the photo is fake? and that the headline is part of the joke….

  10. sICKkie D December 30, 2014

    If the joke killed 7 at the gig just imagine how many readers will die. Myself included…

  11. Christopher December 31, 2014

    There isn’t a single thing funny in this article. Might actually be the worst example of satire I have ever read.

  12. livethemetal December 31, 2014

    must have been a killing joke show

    • biscuits December 31, 2014

      See, now that’s funny. The article on the other hand… not offended, it’s just not funny.

  13. biscuits December 31, 2014

    It’s clear that the only one that died here is the Hard Times Staff.

  14. La Obra De Marte December 31, 2014

    This seems like a HOaX

  15. Polish Rob December 31, 2014

    If you don’t know what satire is, you should not be listening to punk rock.

  16. lennydpocketqb December 31, 2014

    The music itself is limited in its scope, why are we surprised by the fans reaction? I’m not shocked by the reaction by the uneducated. punk community to this satirical article.

  17. John Parry December 31, 2014

    I’d like to be the first to speak of my newfound support of Jeremy Peterson. I have to admit, I always thought his -anti-counter-punk- facade was poser-bullshit before this, but now I know he’s really on our side. Shit he’s past that guys. He’s transcended it. The man is a goddamned hero–of the -Double agentpunks that fuck the punk punks in their punkasses- movement. A movement that he founded through this act of defiance. Listen to the names of the people he killed: “pakrat, punxbuttons, queefstanp III, etc.” all of these names taken from live interviews, which means that these poser-punks felt the need to make sure that the interviewer misspelled their names in just the way that they do on their fucking tumblr accounts. These were a bunch of surface level punks, spending their middle-class parent’s money on tattoos/piercings for their privates, gel and green dye for their mohawks. Each and every one of them would have said anything to get meatfactory’s drummer in bed with them, just so they could blog about how they weren’t racist later.
    Jeremy Peterson isn’t like that though. He slept with Matthias for the same reason he plays music with him: because he liked his rhythm. Truth is what matters to Jeremy. Dude once heard a dying man confess that he’d hit a dog while driving drunk, and left it, wounded and howling in the road. The man asked for forgiveness, gave him all the money that he had and told him to do something good with it.
    Jeremy said that shit was tainted, burnt the money right before his eyes, just to give him a little test of the hell that waited.
    That man was Jeremy’s father.
    Point is, the punk movement needed a culling. Jeremy Peterson did what needed to be done, and he was hardly the first.. Whether history will see him as a Caesar or a Stalin remains to be seen. #realpunksdon’tusesocialmedia #fuckjustlostmypunkcred #worthit

  18. Brian January 1, 2015

    You Got to ask your self:
    Do I feel lucky.
    Well do you PUNK

  19. pawee January 1, 2015

    Does this mean punk is dead again? Oi.

  20. Ditch January 1, 2015

    punk rock, other than FIDLAR, has been dead since 1993 kids. Green Day and dookie killed it long ago. Sorry to say you children will never know a real punk scene.

  21. fuckmylife January 2, 2015

    That just goes to show how stupid some people are. If he said orgy does that mean everyone would have started fucking each other. I don’t see why this is the band’s fault.

  22. Punky Brewster January 2, 2015

    This is is just dumb. Terrible use of satire. Go read a book you idiots. This whole thing just proves how stupid, bored, and ignorant this scene is. No one cares your “Joke Bomb” bombed.

  23. exploited January 3, 2015

    Holy flaming crap. The point is: Punk is dead because NO ONE CAN TAKE A JOKE. You fucking jerks. Why don’t we all just don our specs and philosophize about the merits of this transcendent work of satire a little longer. Maybe if by majority vote it’s deemed appropriate, it will make the roster for this autumn’s upcoming semi-annual Counter-Culture Exhibition at our exclusive punk-rock country club. Invite-only.

    You losers.

  24. Scum January 3, 2015

    Lalalala “go read a book” you “stupid bored, ignorant” scenesters, us other punks are so much more smart, inspired, and informed than all you other punks. Me and my friends are such superior punks than you punks.

    “The uneducated punk community”??? Yes we other high-class, punk-sophisticates are sooooo much more enlightened, please bask in our wisdom as we speak.

    Ho Hoo hee haaa “If you don’t know what satire is you shouldn’t listen to punk rock”
    And only certain people should ever listen to punk rock as long as they’re educated, informed, have the right sense of humor, wear the right kind of studs, embrace the right kind of political ideals, and suit our punk-rock standard-of-entry. Keep the race pure Boys!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Listen to yourselves. Shame on you. We are punx we are family and we are not divided by politics, race, gender, beliefs, culture, education, or money. The only thing that separates us is our own ARROGANCE. No one is superior, we are all scum and come from scum, and we like it that way!!!


  25. Steve January 7, 2015

    The band was guIlty of nothing more than telling a lame ass joke.

  26. PUNK CONCEIGE January 14, 2015

    Fluxcultural and city boy cuteness is at the door. “knock knock” “who’s there” “massacre” “welcome to the dark side, you look sad and tired but you know satin in silky fire” “how cute” (phone Inter.. Uption) parla ho ho la la. Pom! Pom!

  27. mattincinci January 14, 2015

    too funny LMAO

  28. Anon January 17, 2015

    I think its hard for people to tell this is satirical because it’s not really funny or witty in anyway.

  29. John Matthews January 18, 2015

    I’m a huge fan of Meat Factory and have been ever since the Meat Puppets and Meat Grinder and this news really saddens me since I was hoping to catch the band at Black Cat next month.
    As to the people that died, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

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