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Six Songs We Listened To This Week To Avoid The Increasingly Horrifying State of the World

Some say ‘music is life itself,’ and if they’re judging it by yours they are essentially saying ‘music is the most boring and depressing thing we’ve ever heard.’ Chances are that those who share the aforementioned sentiment have no idea your daily life consists of eating cereal for hours while watching reruns of “Metalocalypse” for the millionth time. It’s a great show, but come on, we’re worried about you.

Because we want you to feel things, grow as a person, and move on from the drab and dull environment you’ve cultivated for yourself, we’ve compiled nearly 20 minutes of new music for you. You probably need at least 30 minutes, but we know how awful your attention span has gotten. Anyway, here are six new songs you should load up immediately if you want your friends and loved ones to speak to you again.

CANDY “Love Like Snow (feat. MIRSY and mmph)”

The genre-defying and least Googleable band in America, CANDY, has been obliterating the often rigid boundaries of hardcore since their debut in 2017. Their latest single, ‘Love Like Snow,’ is an absolute insane ride that replaces standard heavy guitars and blast beats with speaker-breaking synths and EDM drums. The result is a chaotic and at times disturbing track that never lets up. Don’t let that scare you, though. You’ll be singing the hook for weeks.

Softcult “One of the Pack”

Toronto’s ‘riotgaze’ duo, Softcult, have been slowly releasing their new and highly anticipated EP ‘Heaven’ one track at a time. Their latest drop, ‘One of the Pack,’ is a beautifully fuzzed out trip that might make you think your headphones are melting. Before you go running to the Apple Store or wherever, listen again, then a few more times and invest that money into Hot Topic shares because mallgoth summer is coming.

Crumb “The Bug”

In just a little over two weeks, New York’s psych quartet, Crumb, will be releasing their third LP, ‘AMAMA.’ Fans of their uncanny ability to fuse nearly every genre known to man into fascinating indie-pop will be pleased to know the group is showing no signs of turning the freak dial down. This is clearly evidenced by their dizzying new single ‘The Bug.’ As you get lost in the flurry of excellent production and haunting melodies, you might feel like you’ve traveled miles in the span of three minutes. An impressive accomplishment considering your apartment is only 500 square feet.

Knocked Loose “Suffocate (feat. Poppy)”

A few members of our staff have been wondering why we’ve hidden all the cutlery in our office kitchen. The remaining few who were aware that Knocked Loose released another single, however, didn’t even question our motives. It’s scary enough that the hardcore quintet is releasing some of the heaviest and disgusting music we’ve heard in years, but it’s downright horrifying that their latest single ‘Suffocate’ features the one and only hardcore monster, Poppy. Excuse us, but we need to get back to boarding our windows.

G.B.I “The Regulator (Bad Brains cover)”

G.B.I, which stands for “Grohl, Benante, Ian,” is a one-off supergroup featuring – you guessed it – Dave Grohl alongside Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante. The trio recently got together via a chance meeting and tracked the Bad Brains classic ‘The Regulator’ in a mere two takes. Released as a 7” for Record Store Day, all proceeds from the limited press have been donated to HR of Bad Brain’s healthcare related to a rare headache disorder called SUNCT. And because the trio knows that you probably overslept and couldn’t get the vinyl, they have graciously put the cover up on streaming services as well.

Bad Moves “Let the Rats Inherit the Earth”

DC’s future power-pop legends, Bad Moves, are set to release their first album in four years, and they’ve shared what some are calling the ‘Flagpole Sitta’ of the 21st century. The swung beat and insanely catchy arrangement of ‘Let the Rats Inherit the Earth’ certainly earns the moniker, and lyrically fits the current hellscape we are faced with on a daily basis. If anyone can take such bleak subject matter and turn into the hit of the summer, it’s Bad Moves. The end of the world has never felt so dancey.

Don’t rush into this, but if you’re wanting to dip your toe into even more new music, consider checking out our ever-evolving and expertly curated playlist. You may want to consult with a doctor first though. Finally being up to date on these sorts of things can be a bit shocking to the system. Click here when you’re ready to listen and dazzle your friends if they ever willingly come to your apartment again.