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Every G.I. Joe Ranked by How Well They Could Teach a Sex-Ed Class

G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s daring, highly trained, special mission force.
Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world. Also, to randomly walk up to kids and teach them lessons about personal safety and recycling and stuff.

Yes, while getting kids to know things isn’t the most exciting half of the battle, the Joes have been doing it since 1983 and they’re damned good at it. But can they handle teaching kids where today’s public schools are failing them the most?

We’ve ranked every G.I. Joe by how effectively they could teach an 8th-grade sex-ed class, and while the fight against Cobra seems to be going strong (when is the last time you were laser attacked by a snake soldier?) the fight against teens making the biggest mistake of their lives before they can buy a lottery ticket is not looking so good. Yo Joe!

50. Cross-Country

One look at the rebel flag belt buckle tells you everything you need to know. Cross Country teaches abstinence only.

49. Stalker

“Your sex-ed teacher’s name is what now?!”

48. Airtight

You’re going to see a lot of sexually suggestive Joe names on the bottom of this list. We need kids to take this stuff seriously, and we just don’t see a bunch of snickering teenagers paying attention to a sex-ed lesson from someone named Airtight. It certainly doesn’t help that as the Joe’s chemical weapons specialist his main job is literally filling all the holes.

47. Grunt

Grunt’s specialty on the Joe team is not being special. He’s the only Joe that’s just your typical run-of-the-mill army grunt. That lack of fine skills and personality coupled with the distraction of having sex-ed with someone named Mr. Grunt would probably make him the wrong guy for the job.

46. Beach Head

What’s worse, having your kids try to learn safe sex practices from a guy named Beach Head, or having your kids learn about sex from a guy who smells like shit? Well, with Beach Head, you get both!

45. Snowjob

We just have a feeling he would blow it.

44. Tripwire

He’s the Joes metal detector guy. You ever talk to a metal detector guy? They have a lot of weird ideas about what can and can not get a girl pregnant. And who really shot Kennedy. And like, everything.

43. Blowtorch

No one with “blow” in their name is going to fair well teaching sex-ed to teenagers. Blowtorch is a safety-first kind of guy, which would be helpful, but he’s also from Florida so he would never be teaching sex education in the first place. He considers it a form of grooming. He’ll stick to fire safety and intelligent design thank you very much.

42. Tunnelrat

No parent wants a sex-ed teacher telling their children about all the cool hidden tunnels in town, and for good reason!

41. Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a man of few words, and you can bet those words aren’t going to be “Check your balls and shaft routinely for bumps, sores, and growths.”

40. Flash

As a computer expert Flash is super plugged into youth culture, which you would think makes him an ideal candidate. Unfortunately, he takes a hard line with the helmet, refusing to take it off during class. STDs just aren’t as scary when you’re being told about them from someone who looks like such a dork.

39. Law and Order

Two things that have absolutely no place in a sex education classroom—a cop and a dog.

38. Mutt and Junkyard

Also disqualified for the dog thing, but ranked higher because Mutt isn’t a fucking NARC!

37. Scifi


36. Scarlett

She’s one of the most elite Joes with mastery over every martial art, every weapon, and every language in the world. In other words, she knows what you little shits are whispering, and she’s about to teach you a very non-sex-ed lesson. Get ready for your new codename: Crutch.

35. Bazooka

Look at the guy. He’s got “Sex is better without a condom” written all over him. He was fired on day one during his lesson “How to grow, groom, and maintain a quim catcher.”

34. Wet Suit

He was nearly taunted to suicide when he opened his class by stating “I’m the guy the Joe team calls when things get wet!”

33. Wild Bill

Maybe he would be great at it? We really don’t know. He doesn’t even get to say the second part of his name before the head of hiring at every school says “Thank you, but we’ll be going in a different direction.”

32. Recondo

There’s nothing sadder than a high school teacher who gets wrapped up in the kids’ drama and gossip. He would start by earnestly trying to warn kids about the dangers of pregnancy and STDs but as a reconnaissance expert, Recondo just can’t help himself. “Alright class, I know last week’s intelligence had Cindy and Brad back together, but according to Whitney, she caught him making out with Jessica in the art closet. Terrance now’s your chance, but we have to act fast!”

31. Spirit and Freedom

Spirit’s skills as a tracker, lazy-’80s-stereotype shamanistic abilities, and proficiency in bird training will do little to help him show inner-city youth how to put condoms on vegetables.

30. Quick Kick

There’s no doubt about it, our boy Quick Kick can kick fast! Picture the fastest kick you’ve ever seen like in a movie or something. This guy can do that but for real! No camera tricks, no bullshit, just earnestly very fast kicking. He would not do a good job of approaching the subject of sex with a class full of teenagers in an upfront, mature manner, but damn, you need something kicked fast, you’re gonna wanna call this dude!

29. Lowlight

Growing up, Low-Light was afraid of the dark. Then one day he got lost in the middle of the night on a hunting trip. He was found 3 weeks later with his gun and a huge smile on his face. He is known for his ability to stand still for hours on end and for sneaking up on people. Call us crazy, but we prefer a sex-ed teacher who is less “acquainted with the night.”

28. Ripcord

The first and last time Ripcord was allowed to teach a sex-ed course he brought an entire class of 8th graders onto a plane and instructed them to jump, rationalizing “If you can pull a chute you can put on a condom!”

27. Clutch

He’s a rude mechanic from New Jersey, you might as well have The Situation in there. “Wear a rubber or she’ll take you for everything you’re worth, class dismissed, YOLO.”

26. Rock ‘n roll

Oh hell no. Absolutely not. I mean yeah, if you want your kids to learn about the shocker, sure, give Rock n’ Roll a call. If you want them to learn about the dangers of herpes, maybe try literally anyone else. It’s amazing his toy doesn’t come with a removable cold sore.

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