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52 Classic Board Games Ranked by Their Ability To Tear Your Family Apart

29. Mouse Trap

Of all the games on this list with zero strategy, Mouse Trap ranks the highest because there’s still that element of building something together that will bring your family’s communication problems to a fever pitch.

28. Every Trivial Pursuit (Except The Baby Boomer Edition)

The old-school dark blue version deserves its own much higher spot on this list, but really any trivia game is a perfect opportunity to make at least one member of your family unit feel massively inferior.

27. Qwirkle

I never actually learned how to play Qwirkle, now I’m too busy trying to figure out what my wife and I are even arguing about.

26. Payday

Another “what’s this in the back of Grandma’s closet” classic, this game is a stoned cold bummer. Each player starts with $325, and then you pay bills. Your children will ask you if that’s what grownup life is like, and when you tell them “yes” you can actually see something die in their eyes.

25. Trouble

In the UK this game is called “Frustration,” and that’s probably more accurate. How else would you describe trying to keep a 5-year-old with ADD from hitting a “Pop-O-Matic” every 5 seconds?

24. Ticket to Ride

In this more recent family favorite everyone has a secret destination they’re trying to get to while sabotaging the other players from reaching their destination. Is there a better metaphor for the family?

23. Scattergories

Association, alliteration, spelling, so many things to argue over for such a simple game!

22. Catchphrase

Basically, charades except you can also say things, opening the game up to a level of cheating so infuriating you’ll choke on your own tongue and your family will hesitate to save you.

21. Kerplunk

All the frustration of Jenga but with little marbles that roll under furniture for just a little extra “God dammit!” factor.

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