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New Subscription Box Service Comes Filled with Other Subscription Boxes

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Startup company BoxBox debuted their signature product today — a subscription box delivered monthly to customers’ homes, filled entirely with other subscription boxes.

“We’re very excited about BoxBox,” Betsy Leventhal, BoxBox Director of Marketing, said following the reveal. “These days, it seems like there’s a million subscription boxes to choose from; the market is downright saturated. We’re glad to add another one to the pile: one that’s at once different, while simultaneously remaining exactly the same.”

Boxes featured in BoxBox include Birchbox, Boxwalla, Allure Beauty Box, and FighterBox — the latter dedicated to active men’s underwear; namely, boxer shorts and boxer briefs designed for amateur boxers.

“It sounds very convenient,” said Taylor Curtis, who pre-ordered BoxBox last month. “For my first month, I’ll get Bulubox, Glossybox, and Barkbox. Barkbox is great because it’s full of stuff for dogs. Annabel, my red fawn boxer, is going to love it.”

Though BoxBox’s selection is limited at rollout, Leventhal assured potential customers the selection would expand monthly, including some BoxBox exclusives found in no other boxes. “That’s the beauty of BoxBox: you never know what new boxes might pop up,” she said. “We’re working with the developers of Blue Apron on a couple new boxes, including one dedicated entirely to cured salmon — the Lox Box. It comes with bagels and everything.”

Critics argue the sheer amount of packaging in the service is detrimental to the environment.


“If just one person in an apartment building orders a premium BoxBox, they will have enough cardboard waste to fill an entire dumpster,” said anti-consumerism activist Mark Schumer. “Do you really need a box of still-sealed Spiderman merchandise and a box of a variety of boxed wine shipped at the same time?”

Leventhal believes the early excitement behind the company is just the beginning, and plans to ramp up the company’s online presence.

“We’re advertising on every podcast currently on iTunes and Google Play,” said Leventhal. “And to maintain continuity, each podcast will get the same exact copy, so you will know exactly where and how to order your BoxBox.”

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Article by Rick Homuth @rjhomuth.