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Millennial Couple Finally Saves Enough to Buy ‘House’ Seasons 1-8 on Blu-ray

TRENTON, N.J. — A local couple in their mid-30s did the unthinkable by finally saving enough money to buy the entire “House” series box set on Blu-ray late yesterday afternoon, proud sources confirmed.

“We’ve been borrowing the series from our rich friends for years,” shared Gilda Napolitano. “It was never a problem for them because they own a few copies. I thought we would be renting forever, but now we can have people come over and check it out on our terms. I’ll give them a complete tour including the space below the discs at the bottom of the box where you can find the limited-edition Hugh Laurie Funko POP! You have to be careful though because it’s kind of dark and you might hit the top of your hand.”

Napolitano’s partner shared some of his concerns over contributing to such a hefty investment.

“We weren’t sure if we could buy all the seasons at once, especially with the way things are right now,” admitted Brent Kristiansen. “It was a big investment, and Gilda and I wanted to make sure we were making the right choice. Thankfully, we were very disciplined, and spent months Googling links and signing up for member benefits that offer 20% off your entire purchase codes. It took us some time, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.”

After doing some research, the couple decided Target was the perfect place to make the purchase.

“They seemed a little apprehensive at first,” said Berta Padilla, the electronics associate assisting them. “I wanted to show them something like ‘Trailer Park Boys’ to begin with. You know, something cheaper to start with before they upgrade later. They were open to the idea, but ultimately decided against it because the box was a little bit light, and they thought it might fly off in a tornado. After addressing their concerns, I realized that they could indeed go for the big play. I think they made the right choice.”

The couple is now reportedly pregnant and saving for the “Full House” box set.