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Man Dreading First Mother’s Day Since Losing Mom To QAnon

PHOENIX — Anticipating a difficult day for himself and his siblings, local man Lucas Ruddy was reportedly dreading his first Mother’s Day since losing his mother to QAnon, sources close to Ruddy confirmed.

“My siblings will probably come over and we’ll do something low-key together to get through the day, but I know it’s gonna be a struggle because it’s barely been a year since losing Mom to Q,” said Ruddy. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for everyone who’s lucky enough to spend the day with their mom without hearing long-winded rants about child sex-trafficking rings and the deep state, but it’s a tough day for so many of us.”

“I’d give anything to be able to pick up the phone and talk to her again, but I know that’s not possible because she’ll just start shouting about George Soros or nanobots or whatever the fuck. Plus, she won’t talk on the phone anymore because she’s afraid of 5G,” he added.

Ruddy’s sister Amanda Pasley said she planned to hang out with her brothers and help each other get through the holiday.

“I’m aiming to stay off social media today because I know it’s going to be too painful seeing all of Mom’s posts about Q drops and the hoax virus,” said Pasley. “I hope Mom knew how much we all loved her before she fell down the rabbit hole of QAnon ramblings. I’m just glad she’s no longer making us suffer by sharing anti-Semitic memes and YouTube videos about chemtrails. Today is a good reminder to cherish the time you have with your loved ones, because you never know when they’re gonna get sucked into some bullshit conspiracy theory message board.”

For others who may be experiencing loss this holiday, experts recommend reaching out to friends and family who can offer support.

“It may be helpful to log off for a few days, and if possible, see if you can get your mom to do the same,” said grief counselor Milana Amares. “The holidays will never be the same once you’ve lost a loved one to an extremist cult, but it will get easier over time. Remember that you’re not alone. Tons of bored idiots fell for that nonsense.”

Despite the pain surrounding the day, Ruddy hoped being with family would alleviate some of the sadness surrounding the fact that his kids will never know their grandmother, as he won’t allow her around them.