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Man Absolutely Buzzin’ After Seeing Dog That Looks Like His Dog

LOS ANGELES — Local animal lover Rav Chandran is “riding a high like never before” after bumping into a dog that was nearly identical to his own while taking an afternoon walk, sources within the family that got multiple phone calls and texts confirmed.

“I usually walk down the bike path to Fletcher, but today I decided to take a detour and go straight to the park, and boy let me tell you — that was a good fuckin’ idea,” said Chandran while gesticulating wildly and pacing around the room. “As soon as I walk up I see this brown and black dog and my head just started spinning. She looked like a slightly smaller version of Scout, but had the same fur pattern and same weird tongue. I was so excited when I got home that I ripped the handle off my fridge and used it to bust a hole in the wall. It was the only way to burn off some of this energy. It’s been six hours and I still feel like I’m walking on a magic rainbow.”

Armando Montoya, the owner of Scout’s doppelganger, was equally excited about seeing a dog that looked so similar to his own.

“At first, it was just Luna and me at the park alone, but then out of nowhere this other dog runs up and I nearly fainted,” said Montoya, still so excited by the encounter that he hasn’t blinked once since the dog’s chance encounter. “I called my wife and told her immediately. Then I started going through every contact on my phone to let them know. I ended up calling my old high school and they said if I called back again they would press charges, but I don’t even care. This was so insane. I wonder if they could be related.”

Professional dog walker Louie Gannon says he often sees dog owners lose their minds when they see a pet that resembles their own.

“I was walking a husky mix and a guy was driving by and he jumped out of his Jeep, which was going around 30 miles per hour, and ran up to us and the dog to get a photo. He was bleeding pretty bad from the fall, but he had so much adrenaline I don’t think he felt it,” said Gannon. “And that was nothing compared to the woman that jumped off a six story balcony because a Yorkie that I walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays slightly resembled her childhood dog. She broke both her legs, but she said it was worth it.”

Chandran’s excitement finally dissipated while watching a syndicated episode of “Law and Order: SVU” where a sexual predator had the same exact name as him.