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Friend in Too Deep With Ironic Flat Earth Facebook Group

HOUSTON — Local man Carlos Berry is suspected of going from ironic enjoyment of the “Flat Earth or Death” Facebook group to a very genuine belief that the Earth is flat, according to concerned sources.

“He started out only doing this stuff on the weekends — I figured this would be a little phase, like the time he got way too into Juggalo or Incel Facebook groups,” admitted close friend and roommate Michael Thadwick. “But then he started calling me a ‘Glober,’ and asking for help with homemade rocket experiments. He says it’s dumb and he’s just doing it as a joke, but he seems to spend a lot of free time on it.”

Thadwick noted that the way his friend presents himself at work or out with friends is very different from his activities at home.

“He goofs on the flat Earth people all the time when he’s bartending… which is odd, because at home, first thing he does when he wakes up is check that Facebook group,” Thadwick said. “I think he’s actually an admin now. I’m worried he can’t stop. He might have a serious problem.”

For his part, Berry claimed he has always had a passion for out-of-the-ordinary subcultures.

“I once spent an entire day on Twitter trying to get Alex Jones to confirm my pet frog was gay. Other people cheered me on! It was hilarious,” Berry said. “I could quit this flat Earth thing any time… I just don’t want to.”

“Plus, we have a local meet up next week and I volunteered to bring the pasta salad. My hands are literally tied,” he added.

Ironically, the concept of a flat Earth seems to go against Berry’s own family’s beliefs.

“I’m not sure what ‘C’ is doing with these Facebook posts lately… his father has worked at NASA for going on 30 years,” said his mother, Nina Berry. “I just hope he’s not hanging around that weird dark web crowd again.”

At press time, Berry was pricing flights to Denver International Airport “as a gag.”