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6 Movies Where Christopher Walken Has a Watch Up His Ass But It Never Comes Up

Everyone knows about Christopher Walken’s enthralling “Pulp Fiction” monologue. But that’s not the only time this eccentric thespian has played a character with a secret timepiece hidden in his big, beautiful ass! Here’s six more movies in which Walken filled his backdoor with a watch:

“The Dead Zone” (1983)
In this Stephen King adaptation, Walken plays a man who awakens from a coma with psychic powers. However, the script originally included a subplot in which he sued the doctors who operated on him for accidentally leaving a Rolex in his colon. King has since confirmed he considers this the canonical explanation of the character’s supernatural visions.

“Batman Returns” (1992)
Ever notice that Walken’s dialogue as Max Shrek is incomprehensible due to a loud ticking sound that accompanies his scenes? Costar Michael Keaton has revealed that the loud ticking emanated from the rear of Walken’s pants and was extremely noticeable on set, but everyone was too terrified to ask Walken about it.

“Antz” (1998)
Walken only agreed to lend his voice to this children’s animated film after the producers added a monologue in which his character breaks the fourth wall to inform the audience that he gets off on having tiny wristwatches stuffed into his sexy little ant butt. Walken was understandably devastated however that the scene was left out of the final product, but assured fans he had a watch crammed way up his ass as he did the voiceover work.

“Sleepy Hollow” (1999)
Washington Irving’s classic 1820 short story opens with the Headless Horseman, distraught that he will never again know the correct time after mournfully placing a pocket watch into his hindquarters. The studio forced director Tim Burton to leave the scene out, but he performed a subtle homage by instructing Walken to ride his horse as if “he carried all the world’s sorrow in his big ‘ol sloppy butt.”

“Joe Dirt” (2001)
If it wasn’t for the Criterion Collection edition of “Joe Dirt,” we’d never know the entire Dirt family suffers from a hereditary illness known as “Internal Clock” syndrome. Thankfully, the original storyboards, 8 commentary tracks, and 184 minute “Making Of” featurette devote plenty of time to the Dirt family’s heartbreaking, previously unknown ailment.

“Click” (2006)
Adam Sandler is given a magical remote control by Walken in this fantasy comedy. But what you may not know is that Sandler and Walken filmed a scene in which the actors engage in inadvertent butt stuff after his character accidentally presses the remote’s “Masturbate Your Friend’s Butt with a Casio Watch” button. The scene was cut after a technical advisor noted that few remote controls have this feature.