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Woah! Brian’s Dad Has a Real Gun! Pew Pew!

No way!

Check it out!

You won’t believe it!


Get over here!


I didn’t believe it but it’s true; take a look for yourself!

Brain’s dad has a real gun!

And guess what?

He doesn’t keep it locked!

Bang bang!! Pew pew!! Boom!!!

Awesome! It’s so cool that Brian’s dad just has this! I wish my dad had one, but he doesn’t.

Seriously, you need to invite yourself over to Brian’s! That’s what I did! He even said sometimes his dad plays with it too! All you have to do is get him beer from the fridge in their garage and he waved it around and yells! It’s like playing war mixed with Halo.

Brian’s dad even shoots things in their backyard and one time he pointed it at Brian and his mom!

I’m so jealous it’s like they get to play real life Call of Duty! All my dad does is hug me.


Seriously, Brian’s house is so cool, he has a quad and a dirt bike too!

Brian’s life is so cool.

Every time I go there his dad does something cool! He yells and throws food and when Brian spilled his Mountain Dew on the carpet his dad threw him into the wall! It was like Dragon Ball Z! Brian cried and his mom drove me home and told me not to say anything, but I couldn’t believe it! Brian lives with real life Goku mixed with AJ Styles!

Here take a look at this gun! You can see in the barrel up close how cool it is!


So cool!

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