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Why Some Couples Choose to Stay in Our Loveless Marriage

Divorce is common in this day and age for several reasons. The stigma of divorce has been erased, fewer marriages have a sole financial provider, and open marriages have become a solution to the “seven year itch.” So then why do some couples stay in unhappy marriages? This is a question my spouse and I were sadly forced to ask the couples who joined our polyamorous marriage prior to us losing all romantic interest in each other. See their answers below!

Sam and Tabitha L. – “We think what happens is couples get caught up in remembering the good times. They focus so hard on all those happy memories that they lose sight of where the relationship has gone. Like the time we all went to Europe. We completely filled up one of those double decker sightseeing buses. It was amazing. Touring the canals of Venice was incredible too even though we lost a few couples. Those gondolas were definitely made with a less sex-positive society in mind.”

Jane and Lisa A. – “The fear of being alone. We have a strong bond but if we leave then we’re just a couple by ourselves. That’s scary. Let’s say one of us is in a car accident and rushed to the hospital. Put yourself in that position. Do you want to wake up surrounded by loved ones? Or by yourself, completely alone with only your spouse. Gives us goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Pamela and Jason V. – “We hate to admit it but jealousy. Even though the love is gone, we still can’t bear the thought of all 47 couples finding intimacy elsewhere. Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing your 94 exes walking with their arm around some new couple’s shoulder? That’s why we’re staying.”

John and Sarah T. – “We’re staying for the children. Plain and simple. They say it takes a village to raise a child and while we may have a village worth of people in this marriage, the children still outnumber us. It’s not even a parenting thing at this point. We just need to survive the winter until harvest.”

Patrick and John C. – “The sex. Like, duh. We’re not even a couple. Well, we are a couple in the sense that we’re a couple ‘o guys taming strange left and right. Who cares about love? We’re tryna plow.”