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Still Inspiring, I Guess: Three Little Ethiopian Girls Just Tried to Cover Metallica But Totally Blew It

A good viral video is like a short story. When an underdog rises to the occasion, takes on the world, and comes out on top — there’s just nothing like it.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those videos. But it’s still inspiring, I guess.

In this video, three adorable little Ethiopian girls break all the rules and conventions imposed on them, pick up a couple guitars and, well, honestly kinda blow it. Like seriously, it was pretty bad.

But that’s not the point.

In a world where so many online videos end in people failing or getting hurt for laughs, it’s great to see videos where the underdogs come out on top. I assume, I don’t know. I haven’t seen many videos like that recently and this certainly wasn’t one of them.

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Still though, three little Ethopian girls, shirking all notion of being powerless, to get up on stage, and honestly kinda trash a classic Metallica tune? It is somewhat inspiring even if it’s a little misguided (why not start with blitzkrieg bop if you clearly can’t play your instruments?).

Either way, these young women living in a world that constantly and systematically devalues them have shown the courage to create a band which … let’s not kid ourselves, should probably stick to originals. But regardless of all that, I’m still somewhat inspired. I guess.

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Article by Hard Style Staff @REALpunknews