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Some Recipes I Found and Also Alarming Crime in Your Area – Is This Near You? (Guest Column Sent From Your Mom’s iPad)

Hi Sweetie,

I found some recipes I think you’ll really love. I know you said you don’t eat meat or fish anymore, so I found a few shrimp dishes for you. One of them tells you about nondairy substitutions – do you eat cheese? I can’t remember. Anyways, the Shrimp Scampi was a little too spicy for me but I know you put pepper flakes in everything I make so maybe you’ll like it. I also included a prosciutto flatbread recipe JUST IN CASE. Maybe you can make it for some of your little friends, okay? Or, you know, if you change your mind.

I heard on the news earlier that there’s been a lot of crime in your area! Lots of shoplifting, so be careful! I know you said you live Downtown – this seems to be happening in Beverly Hills. Is that close? Make sure you have your pepper spray with you. Have you been wearing the necklace we got you for high school graduation? Might be best to keep it in its box until this all blows over. I always told you living in a big city was going to be scary and it seems like the border is just a mess right now! But whatever makes you happy. Oh speaking of shopping centers, did you get that shirt your father and I sent you? I just wanted to check because we haven’t seen you wearing it in any of your Instagrams.

Did you hear that Celine Dion canceled the rest of her tour? Those poor fans. She said it was something about feeling stiff in the morning? I never liked her. Wasn’t she in that movie you like about the boat that sank? Speaking of movies, “Fried Green Tomatoes” was on TBS a few weeks ago.

I watched that gay pirate show you told me about. It made me cry! There’s a lot of interesting TV Specials coming up this month I think you might be interested in. I’m putting the link but I wrote out the entire schedule at the bottom anyways just in case.

We’re sending a care package for the cat so look out for that.

Oh also your father might have colon cancer. We’re waiting to hear back.

Love you!


Sent from my iPad