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Move Over John Cena: Here’s the Undertaker Playing a Haunting Rendition Of “Baby Got Back” on the Theremin

Some athletes can do it all, am I right? Terry Crews is a comedic powerhouse on Brooklyn 99, Vinnie Jones transitioned seamlessly to movies, and OJ Simpson has gone on to be a compelling biopic character.

Recently, a video circulated of John Cena playing The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” on the piano. Well, Senor Cena, meet Monsieur Undertaker. A video has been circulating featuring Mark William Calaway, real name The Undertaker, playing a heartbreaking rendition of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” on the theremin.

Maybe this is a prelude to Wrestlemania — an open challenge to Cena. Maybe The Undertaker is trying to exercise his creativity along with his many muscles. Maybe it’s the early stages of CTE. Whatever the reason, the internet has spoken, and this video is its new god.

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The clip has already been viewed billions of times and is set to become the most viewed video on the internet. In Houston, Texas (Mr. Taker’s hometown) the video won the mayoral election via write-in, leaving those in government stupefied as to what to do next.

I don’t know about you but what I find so impressive about the Undertaker’s cover is how well he mimics Sir Mix A Lot’s intonation with his delicate use of the theremin. It’s amazing how he wordlessly expresses just how massive these butts are.

Part of what I love about The Undertaker is his lack of pretension. Cena’s video shows him in an ornate, tasteful apartment. Not so for for the Deadman, whose entire video is shot in a New Jersey rest stop Subway. There’s a brutal honesty to it, as if to say, “Eat fresh, for death awaits you.”

Unfortunately, due to the WWE’s stringent copyright policy, we cannot host the video on our site- so check it out here!

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Article by Nick Ortolani @nickortolani