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Inspiring! This Woman is Proud of Standing up for Herself Despite Being Objectively Wrong

We all know how important it is for women to start standing firmly in their truths, especially in a post “Me Too” world. That’s why we have the privilege and the honor to profile a strong and inspiring woman who did just that.

Laura Howe isn’t all talk – she puts her money where her righteous, feminist mouth is. She knew the time had come for her to stand up for herself, so she did it, once, over the weekend.

We sat down with her for an inspiring, girlboss interview where she talks about what brought her to this moment of righteous rebellion, “I haven’t started therapy yet, but all the mental health accounts I follow talk about the importance of boundaries and of not backing down when intimidated by a man. Unless of course, that man is your father. Or your boss. I mean, let’s not go crazy.”

In a touching moment that brought both interviewee and interviewer to tears, she goes further into the incident: “There was this random man trying to tell me that I couldn’t park where I wanted to. It’s like, men park their huge gas guzzlers wherever they want all the time. I can’t take up ONE spot with those little blue chair circle doodles on it for 20 minutes?” When asked if she was, perhaps, referring to a handicapped spot she said, “The spot looked fine to me. Anyways, it was so rude. Especially since it happened during Women’s History Month, of all times.” The incident happened in February.

Her friends were more than happy to share with us some other inspiring moments. “She gets so much traction on Twitter, which is such a male-dominated field these days. Like just last week, she was tweeting about how we need to take care of our planet and she said ‘Just because Earth is flat doesn’t mean we should abuse it.’ Like, mother nature shouldn’t be held to our society’s sexist beauty standards. Some of us are flat, okay? She got like 3,000 quote tweets. I’m so proud.”

The further we got into this profile, the more we realized that perhaps Laura doesn’t know very much. But men have been confidently wrong for centuries, so we consider this a net positive for feminism and tip our Bigfoot is Real caps to her.