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If Capitalism Is So Great, Why Is This Creedence Clearwater “Revisited” CD Full Price?

You can’t make it 5 minutes online these days without seeing some smug, pale Ben Shapiro- or Charlie Kirk-type screaming in your face about how capitalism is Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ’s preferred economic structure. But I have a question that will stump the most diehard capitalist simp:

If American capitalism is oh-so-great, then how can this Creedence Clearwater Revisited “Recollection” CD cost $18.99 at the mall near my mom’s house?

And if the above sentence doesn’t strike you as tragic and revolting, let me point you to the word “Revisited.” This is not Creedence Clearwater Revival, the greatest American rock to ever choogle their way into our lives and hearts. No, Creedence Clearwater Revisited is a Fogerty-less money grab of a cover band featuring the members who didn’t write “Proud Mary” or “Bad Moon Rising”. It never even had TOM Fogerty, let alone grandmaster John.

Supply and demand? The invisible hand of the free market? The Austrian School of Economics? This charade of a music project proves that those ideas don’t hold water when presented with greed, corruption, and the opportunity to deceive the innocent consumer. At best, this Manchurian candidate of rock should cost $5 new for the morbidly curious.

This CD taught me to believe in “Trickle Down Economics” all right. Especially at the moment when my piss trickled down onto the CD on my mom’s back porch. Don’t tell her I did that, I don’t need to get yelled at today.

For all the right’s pearl-clutching about “communist” Venezuela, I did a quick Google search to see how much Recollection costs at Carrillo Musical, the oldest record store in Caracas. A new copy, untouched, still in the cellophane? A measly $3 USD. If you didn’t just open a tab to join your local DSA chapter, you’re a total moron and I hope you get your rocks off while watching Jeff Bezos cuck your bank account.