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How I Overcame My Depression by Not Being Genetically Predisposed to It

Caring for one’s mental health can be a challenge in the 21st century. With all of the modern world’s stressors and stimuli, it’s not hard to find yourself feeling intensely overwhelmed, brutally downtrodden, and mad fugly. However, with the right attitude and routines, anyone can experience positive emotional well-being. Here’s how I overcame my clinical depression, through hard work, determination, and mostly by not being genetically predisposed to it.

Everyone has mental health issues these days. Or so I’ve been told. My superior genetics are why I moonwalked out of the womb a self-actualized human being. The key to overcoming these issues is to look inward to find it and accept yourself. Take me for example. I look inward on a daily basis in search of the good things in my life. Instead of focusing on stressors like prep school and state champs, I focus on the positives like my family. More specifically, my family’s genetics that have been scalping mental illness on an atomic level since the big bang.

I can only take so much credit for my success in warding off depression. Mostly, I have my parents to thank. Not just for working hard and making lots of money so they could give me a responsible level of care but for also choosing each other. See, if either of them had met someone with clinical depression, I might not exist, or worse, I might be a mopeypants.

So next time you’re feeling blue remember that you can feel anyway you CHOOSE to feel. Be more like me and choose to feel happy. Choose to feel fulfilled. And most of all, choose to feel like your brain chemicals are properly balanced due to genetics that are entirely out of your control.