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HEARTWARMING: This Coke Dealer Stuck Around to Watch a Couple Songs

Move over El Chapo, there’s a new kingpin in town and he’s going to melt your heart!

Jake Grenier got into selling cocaine for the money, but he stays for the people. Jake was already regarded as one of the nicest drug dealers in the city, and that was before last friday night when he was spotted hanging out at a show after he sold the bass player an 8 ball!

Can you believe that? Talk about a man of the people!

Most coke dealers won’t even make eye contact with their clientele, but Jake’s not most coke dealers. He was seen mingling with the audience and even singing along with the chorus to a cover of, “If The Kids Are United.

Way to go Jake!

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If you didn’t think that was impressive enough, Jake was reportedly telling people he was going to come back to try and catch the end of the set, even though his phone was ringing off the hook.

Wow. How cool is that?!?!

Not only did Jake end up staying for two and a half songs, he was also kind enough to buy a round of shots for the band despite the fact he doesn’t drink while selling cocaine.

Unnff! We’re in LOVE!

We here at Hard Style want to congratulate you, Jake, on being one of the most amiable guys in the trap, keep up the good work!